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On Monday

Genre: Action, Drama, Tradegy

15 years ago, the lands of Shiofea was plunges into war. A war versus good and evil, right and wrong. A war that shaped Shiofea into a completely different country than it was in the past.

The war against the Great Daemon King.

The war lasted for many months, each side doing everything they could to overturn the tides of battle coupled with many plots and strained alliances. At the end of the battle, the Daemon King was sealed away in the Forsaken Burial grounds. A place that is now considered taboo for most people.

Now the tale of Great Daemon King has been told for over generations however the tale itself is every changing from small details to big. Who truly was evil? Did the Daemon King die? Or even what truly happened to lead up to these events?

So come and listen to the true tale of the Great Daemon King. A tale that is nothing more than a tragedy...

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