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In Briagas, there is only one constant denominator.

The powerful always win. Justice was merely a game that the powerful play with the weak. An unbalanced, demoralizing, and revealing game. A game that can change a sheep into a wolf and wolves into demons.

However, there is one variant, the "Bloodhound of Briagas" as he is called. The cop is known to be the last pure white knight in all of Briagas. A clean light against the darkest night, saving unfortunate souls and howling against the ramped injustice in Briagas. The rare incorruptible man, Kai Hamilton. They call him the bloodhound of Briagas because no matter what he will always catch his prey.

Unfortunately for him in Briagas, the hero's never last long. His fall from grace sends the underbelly of Briagas into a freezy, everyone vying for the possibility to become the new owner of the infamous Bloodhound of Briagas. And unfortunately for Kai, the "Devil of Briagas" is one of those such people.

Can this hero cop continue to keep his hands clean in this unfair world venomously? Or will the righteous bloodhound become just like to wolves he has been hunting?

Genre: Action, Slice of Life, Drama

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