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Devil That You Know Ep 18: The Unknown Links (Pt 1)

" Life is a great chain, the links which tie us to our desires are both noticeable and also secret. These links make up who we are, and at the same time reveal us. Our desires and fears, even our darkest secrets.."


♙Kai Hamilton♙


"So what do you think we will find about the cigarettes?"

Kai turns from the pan he had been stringing. Rafeeqa was once again at his apartment, something that he didn't think would honestly happen or he would get used to but here he was. Kai mulled over her question and if he was being honest, he didn't think too heavily about this possible lead.

This case was a bit different just due to the fact that there have been no real links between Price and Honda and nothing that really seemed to connect the two. Honda for a sleazy businessman was oddly private. This wasn't something normally Kai dealt with when faced with that kind of person.

They were usually as messy as their interactions, leaving hints all over.

Price was different than Honda, he was more tedious and his interactions weren't something really to be odd. He was a more open book and predictable. Keeping only to high-class locations and exclusive clubs.

"If I'm hopelessly optimistic? We'll find a link to some kind of lead. But me personally? I don't think there will be really anything there." Kai answers.

"My, don't get too excited now." Rafeeqa said with a teasing smile on her face as she takes a sip of her coffee.

"You ask my opinion.." Kai jokes back a bit dryly.

"My mistake then." She laughs.

The rest of the morning is left to small talk and a comfortable environment. One of which Kai never thought he would really have with someone while on his personal mission. Call him pessimistic but with this city and the way things are he never had hope for a relationship. He always assumed he would either end up in a ditch somewhere after pissing off the wrong person or just depressingly alone.

He feels .... happy, for once in a long time.

Unfortunately, the happy bubble from the morning popped quite quickly at the mid point of the day.

"Look, I already told ya 3 times, no I don't fucking sell that brand. Now if you and your friends would please leave. I got customers to tend to."

With that, the gruff portly owner of the cigarette shop urgently shoos them out and practically slams the door in their face. Kai lets out a sigh as he roughly scratches the back of his neck. Another dead end it would seem.

"This is a fucking waste of time." Jaivon said with a frustrated sigh.

Kai couldn't help but agree with him. Maybe his hunch was just that after all just a hunch.

"Hmm could be, I mean we still have at least one more to check? I mean we still have to check any of the drug stores in the lower district either." Rafeeqa said.

"Hm, true but I doubt something like this would be sold somewhere in the lower district. And also given who has one, I don't they would debase themselves to venturing into some lowly drug store in the lower district." Arthur says wisely.

Kai also nods to his statement. He really couldn't see someone like Lance going into a normal drug store to get cigarettes. Also given the rather distinct smell, he doubts this is some common brand.

"Where the next place?" Jaivon asks while trying to massage out an incoming headache.

"Ah, a place called the Emporium? Sounds fancy to me." Rafeeqa says with a shrug.

"Fine, whatever. Let's just go. Hopefully, we haven't wasted the entire day on some stupid idea." Jaivon said walking back to the patrol car, bumping non too gently into Kai.

Kai however doesn't retort as he too feels a bit frustrated at the lack of information so far. He really hopes this last place can give them something.

It doesn't take long for the patrol car to stop before a dark grey building with a rather fancy sign over it that reads "Emporium, Exotic Goods." It was deep in the upper crust which made Kai a bit nervous with seeing how many people were eyeing their patrol car and them as they exited.

"You handle this one, I'm tired of talking to prissy rich folk." Jaivon said with a pointed look to Kai.

Kai nods in agreement as they all walked into the shop. It was a beautiful place inside, and expensive-looking from the shelves and items on display. It also contains a waiver of many different smells, given that this place also sold incense it didn't seem odd.

The owner was a kind-looking gentleman with thick eyebrows and a slight hunch to him. He was with another customer at the time so Kai turns to Jaivon.

"You have the box, right? Can I have it?"

"Why? What are you thinking?" Jaivon said with a suspicious look on his face but he does hand over the box.

"I'm going to try something a bit different." Kai said as he looks at the box before walking over.

"Kai-" Jaivon hisses after him but it was already too late.

The gentleman turns back to him after the other customer was set. His eyes seem to scan Kai for a few seconds, noting his police gear before looking over the rest of his group and then back. All this happened in only a few seconds but Kai notices.

It appeared this seemingly kind gentleman wasn't all too unaware.

"How can I help you, officer?" He asks with a smile.

Kai returns his smile and holds up the box of cigarettes.

"Hey, sorry to bother you. We were just doing a quick errand for the boss. He wanted to get another box."

Kai could just faintly hear Jaivon mumbling something but he doesn't let it bother him or show on his face. The older man looks at him for a few seconds before his smile grows a bit.

"Ah, Morris? Unfortunately, my last order went out already."

"Ah, that's unfortunate." Kai said with a sigh as he puts the box away.

"When do you usually get a new shipment?"

The owner smiles sheepishly.

"Ah, it should be in a few more days."

"It's a few unique brands, I keep asking him to get me a few but he refuses!" Kai says with an easy-going tone.

"They are quite popular, with a distinct smell and a rather pleasant burn." The owner responds with an equally at ease tone.

As if a switch is flipped however Kai's expression twisted cold.

"So then you would know if there was somewhere else that these are sold?"

The owner's expression falls to shock before becoming withdrawn as a frown forms on his lips.

"...Possibly... Why?"

"We need to know where else these are sold, either it is in another store?" Kai said, trailing off a bit.

The owner's face doesn't show any change, just a slight wandering of his gaze mostly likely a nervous tick.

"Or perhaps a club?"

The owner's eyes snapped back to Kai. An unconscious reaction that gave Kai all he needed. A small impish smile comes back to Kai's face, not a kind of one in the least bit.


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