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Devil That You Know Ep 5: The Game (Part 2)

"To a true hunter, fear is weakness. You show fear then you are as good as dead. But in some senses maybe death is small mercy? Because a curious predator is much crueler than a hungry one."


♙Kai Hamilton♙


This was the very first time Kai had ever set eyes on this infamous man. And he wasn't like anything he was expecting.

Aresio Gasparini was tall, dark-skinned with unique colored eyes. A steel grey, something Kai wasn't sure was due to his mixed heritage or a birth defect. His dark hair was trimmed short and he was dressed in a sleek suit that outfitted his form well. He was well built for both a politician and a man of his age was one thing everyone always said.

There was a young attendee frantically apologizing and trying to clean up the area. Unfortunately for this young man, he had made a grave mistake.

One of the wine glasses he was carrying had splashed on the pant leg of Aresio. The liquid spilled down onto his very expensive-looking shoes even. The silence that filled the area was almost deafening. No one talked, not only turned away, the spectacle that was going to unfold before them was just too fascinating to look away.

And as if on cue Mr. Halloway appears like a raining storm.

"What the hell did you do you fucking idiot?!"

That yell echoed through the halls as the waiter looks back at Mr. Halloway as if he was death itself. Halloway roughly grabs the young man, his nail clearly digging in the nape of his neck as he pulls him to his feet.

"Mr. Gasparini, I apologize for this, foolish little thing." He said with a rough shake of the young man.

The waiter is in pain which is clear for anyone to see but they just don't care. Kai couldn't help but feel a small coil of anger building. Rafeeqa who is right next to him sees it and immediately pulls at his arm.

"Kai.. don't even." Her voice is a hiss.

A warning.

Don't get involved.

"" Lance punctures each other with a squeeze of his hand before dropping the waiter.

The waiter falls to the ground with a loud thud. The crowd just watches on, like this is the most interesting thing that has happened all night. The young man scrambles to grab napkins that he has to wipe the floor before the turn to Aresio with a haunted look in his eyes. He shakily raises a fresh napkin to the older man. Aresio doesn't take it, only continues to watch the man at his feet, taking small sips of his drink. His eyes seem to scan the young man like he was an insignificant bug under his shoe. The slow realization dawn on the young man.

He was to clean his own mess.

A flash of emotions seems to flash over his face and he hesitates.

That hesitation unfortunately cost him dearly. Mr. Halloway's face morphs from smug to murderous at the flip of a dime.

"What are you doing?"

The boy's head snaps in the direction of Lance. Fully realizing his mistake but it was too late. Halloway raises a hand back, ready to hit the boy with all his force.

And why wouldn't he? Here he is king, he can do whatever he wants with those he's employed.

At that moment, Kai realized the high pitch white noise had stopped.

That and he was no longer at Rafeeqa's side.

His hand was gripped tightly on Lance's wrist, stopping the hit that sure would have left a bruise.

The lobby was so quiet you could hear a pin drop in the distance. All those eyes were now on him, tension almost crackled in the air. Kai looks at Lance almost shocked to see him. While Lance's face took on a dark expression.

"...Ah haha. Of course, it's you.."

He then jerks his hand out of Kai's grip. The two stare at each other, like two predators sizing the other up before they strick.

"...Do we have a problem officer?"

His question was barely above a whisper but everyone heard it clearly in the deep silence. Kai's slowly pulls a stiff smile to his face.

"..Of course not, sir."

Lance let out a laugh as the smug expression returns.

'See? Even you will bend to my will' is what the look says to Kai. But he bites back every sneer and crazed impulse that is just clawing at his soul.

'You've already fucked up enough, don't make it worst' the little voice in his head says. It's right, he knew as soon as tomorrow came, he was either going to be faced with two realities.

Either he was fired, which would be the more merciful one. Or life at the station was going to get much much harder for him.

He turns away from Lance, making sure to keep his eyes on the floor. He hasn't even glanced once at Aresio and he doesn't plan to. He's already made too much noise, all he was supposed to do was apologize and smile.

But he just couldn't help himself, sticking his nose where it didn't belong yet again.

He bends down to the young man on the floor and helps him stand. The poor thing is shaking like a leaf and keeps his eyes peeled to the floor like a meek lamb.

"You see my friend over there. She will help you out." Kai said in a low voice, pointing to Rafeeqa who is clearly staring at him as he has lost his damn mind.

Maybe he had. To be honest, it was a long time coming.

The young boy scurried away towards Rafeeqa who took him aside but her eyes never left Kai.

She knew as well as he did, that Kai fucked up big time.

"..Well, anyway I do apologize for that Mr. Gasparini. It's so hard sometimes to find good help these days.."

Kai doesn't turn, not even at the clear rise that Lance is trying to get out of him. He doesn't plan to stick around much longer anyway. However just as he is about to leave, a voice call to him.


Kai almost trips to hearing the disarmingly deep voice behind him. He could tell instantly that this person was talking to him.

'You did it now Kai Hamilton, you actually dug your ower grave' that little voice whispers.

Kai turns slowly his eyes dragging up from the group. Mr. Gasparini was a lot taller than he realized now that he was up in front of him. He towered at least a head over Kai a fact that teether on Kai's nerves since he had to look up to meet the man's eyes.

A decision that would just be as stupid as his previous ones.

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