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Devil That You Know EP 9: Little Cracks (Pt 3)

"Everyone always needs someone...eventually. It's human nature. When you are pushed to the edge, you realize that the edge is only the start. It's everything past that cliff edge is the real hell."


♙Kai Hamilton♙


Kai stared at Rafeeqa for a few moments in silence. A nervous bubble in his stomach seemed to edge away, and the white noise just disappears altogether.

"...Thanks Rafee."

"Oh? For what?" She said with a teasing smile.

"...Just thanks."

She doesn't say anything else to that but she does look back towards the office where they were just in.

"....Let's get out of here yeah?" She suggests as she looks back at him.

"I highly doubt that Jonas will let me go, especially knowing that the killer wants me as a pen pal." Kai said in a bitter tone.

"We've been here for hours already. And right now, we are more or less throwing ourselves against the wall. I'll talk to Jonas, you need some time anyway." She said before walking off.

Kai watches as she moved over to Jonas who is barking orders to the officers around the office. He turns to her, his face still a dark stormy expression. His mood slips deeper when Kai is sure that she proposes her plan and he sends a glare at Kai. He can't help the sneering smile that he returns to Jonas who just looks back to Rafeeqa. The back and forth did make Kai a bit nervous as the facial expression of Jonas's seemed to keep jumping from angry to annoyed. It was until to his surprise, Jonas turns away from Rafeeqa and gives her a casual wave in dismissing. She turns to Kai with almost childish glee and gives him a peace sign in victory.

She actually did it...

Kai wasn't sure if he was more surprised or impressed that she actually managed such a feat. By the time they made it outside, night had already fallen over the city and the brisk cool air beat against Kai's face.

"So where to now?" Kai asks.

"Food obviously! I'm starving!" She said with a stretch.

Kai let out a laugh and shook his head. Granted it had been a while since lunch and they had been interview and interrogating for all this evening.

"Come on, I got just the place." Kai said as he walks toward his police car.

Soon the pair found themselves at dinner, nothing fancy and appeared to be a family-owned kind of place. The interior had the feel of a classic dinner, it was busy too. The murmur of voice, clanging of plates, and hiss of steam echoed in this place.

"Wow, didn't even know the upper district had a diner. Straight out of the 1950s look to it too." Rafeeqa said as she took a seat in the booth, her gaze was both curious and also intrigued as she took in her surroundings.

"Kai? Have seen you in a while!"

Both Kai and Rafeeqa turned to the new voice. A woman who appeared in her mid to late 40 was walking up to them. Her skin was chocolate brown and her curly dark-colored hair hung around her shoulders. Her eyes were a dark brown, almost black color. A soft and kind smile on her face as she takes in the two.

"Oh and who's your friend Kai?" The woman asked in a clearly teasing manner.

"Rafeeqa, this is Tanya. Owner of, in my opinion, one of the best restaurants in this place. " Kai said as he motioned between the two women.

"Haha, such a sweet talker." Tanya said, her smile widening.

Rafeeqa looks between the two with an amused smile.

"So what will you two be having?"

The two of them quickly ordered and Tanya disappeared into the back. Alone again Rafeeqa looks over at Kai with a curious twinkle in his eyes.

"Oh strange that you know about such a place given you are from out of town?"

Kai almost slipped with how at ease he was. A small smile came to his face as he formulated his response.

"Funnily enough this was the only place I knew how to get to when I first moved. It's close to my apartment. Food and company were great so I kept coming back."

"Oohh, well I look forward to it then." Rafeeqa said with a laugh.

The food came back and both instantly dug into their dishes. Rafeeqa's face instantly morphed into surprise.

"It's good!!"

Kai couldn't help but laugh at the rather childlike happiness on her face as she ate.

"Well, I'm happy that my recommendation was a success!"

"More than! God, I have something this good since my dad.."

Rafeeqa's words suddenly tapered off into an awkward silence. Kai looks at her, watching her face dipping with a sadness that is unlike anything he's ever seen on her.


She suddenly shoves a bit of her food towards him.

"Try some of this Kai!"

He could have said something but it was clear by her face, the conversation was done. He didn't push further and just took the bite. They fell back into a mundane conversation until the news came on the tv which was over the bar of the dinner. There was a breaking news piece on the case they were on.

"...What are your thoughts about the case, honestly." Rafeeqa suddenly asks.

She was turned away from Kai, her eyes seemingly locked on the tv and the broadcast. It was odd to see her this way, almost scared even.

"What do you mean?"

"...Will they kill like this again?"

Kai doesn't respond at first, both shocked and a bit curious to her question. Her eyes never drifting away from the tv, but her expression almost seemed pained. He could lie to her, but it wouldn't help.

"..Probably, that kind of anger doesn't seem like it will die down." He said.

It was his guess, Briagas even with all its problems, hasn't really experienced many serials killers. At least not in this manner. Silence lapse over the two, Kai staring at Rafeeqa while she was still entranced by the tv. Suddenly she turns back and continues eating like their conversation didn't even happen. He allowed it, this was the first time he's ever seen emotions like this on her. In no time, they found themselves outside, the cold air had dipped a bit more with time. Rafeeqa was staring up at the sky with a mild fascinated look.

"It's funny that mother nature can make anything look pretty. Even this disgusting place.

Kai stood beside her silently at first also looking up at the night's sky. It was beautiful he could admit. Something that even from the slums he could see.

"Hmm, it is a beautiful night.."

They staring in silence for a bit until Kai suddenly felt eyes on him. He turned to Rafeeqa who was just staring at him. His head tilts a bit in concern as she doesn't speak a word.

"Are you oka-"

Kai's word died off as suddenly Rafeeqa's face was no more than two inches away and her lips were pressed close to his own. Her lips were cold against his, a bit dry but soft. He wasn't even really surprised at the kiss. In a way, they had been dancing around it for a month or so already. He could practically hear the teasing words Arthur now. The kiss was over quickly, Rafeeqa leans away, placing a finger on his lips as she appeared even shocked at her own action.

"...I...sorry that was..." She seemed lost for words as her eyes couldn't seem to look back at him.

Kai also didn't have much to say, either it was from shock or the pounding of his heart in his head. Rafeeqa seemed to finally collect herself as she suddenly looks back at him, but her eyes seemed to almost drifting through rather than at him.

"Sorry about that Kai. We can go." She said in a rush before turning to walk away.

Kai didn't even realize he grabbed her until she turned back to him. However, he was just as shocked as her. He opened his mouth to speak but nothing would come out. Nothing was sticking in his head, just stray thoughts flying about.

Just when it looked like he would just give up, Rafeeqa spoke.

".....Can I stay with you."

Her word almost made his heart stop. His eyes scanned her face for anything. Pity? A manipulation? But he couldn't tell anything. Her face was just as it always is, but this time there is clearly an uneasy nervousness to it.

This could be all a very bad idea.


But right now...a bad idea sounded just too good to let go of.

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