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Devil that you Know Ep 3: The Bloodhound of Briagas (Part 3)

"Have you ever heard that saying never contend with a man with nothing to lose? It's an omen. A prophecy in a sense. While you think you are breaking down the last barrier to break a man. What you are actually breaking is the pedestal that you are standing over him with. Because the man who has nothing is much scarier than the man who has everything to lose."


♙Kai Hamilton♙


It wasn't until he found himself outside of a run-down building after work deep within the slums that the world came back into focus. The building was large, with a mostly up kept yard and gated fence. A large sign that reads "Eden's Foster Home" sits in the front yard. It had the illusion of a once beautiful mansion that was just corroded over the years. There were young kids running around playing on the playground being watched by a few nuns. One of them turns her head up towards where Kai is lurking and a bright smile forms on her face.

"Kai! Welcome back!!"

A few of the children similarly looked towards him with recognition and joy. Kai smiles as he enters the courtyard. The young nun runs over to him and pulls him into a tight hug.

"God, it's been so long." She said with a wide smile. "You haven't changed a bit, just as handsome as always..."

Kai let out a laugh and shakes his head. Sister Sarah Lockheart was a petite woman with short albums hair that shaped her face. Her kind dark brown eyes were closed in happiness as she rubbed her cheek against Kai's.

"Oh, I need to let the father know you're here! He has been missing you terribly since your last visit" She said pulling back and running off before Kai could stop her.

A residue smile was still pulled on his lips as he watched her go. A few of the kids crowded around him asking to play. He bends down to humor them with a laugh.

This is Kai's most guarded secret. Oppose to what in his records and police file about being born outside of Briagas, he was actually born and raised here in the slums.

This is something Kai will never reveal. The simple fact is those who come from the slums rarely get opportunities to get far in the Briagas.

If anyone knew of his true past, everything he had accomplished up until now would have been reduced to ashes.

As if I have done much, a bitter thought crossed his mind.


His head turns up from the smiling little faces. His smile refreshed at taking in the person who called him. Father Walter Reed is a gentle yet solemn man. He has a gentle smile on his face as he takes in Kai. His short dark-colored hair is slowly dying into grey and his dark-colored eyes were crinkled with joy.

"Father... It's good to see you again!"

Kai and Walter shared a short hug, Walter pulling back to look at the young man fully before him.

"You've grown taller!"

Kai let out a laugh and shakes his head.

"Yes, I have."

The father quickly ushers him inside of orphanage. Kai's eyes take in the place that was once his home, it has changed a lot. The once rundown mansion with a leaking roof had been transformed into a subtle home. The warms fill him and seem to revive him from the brutal cold that the rest of the city brought. The pair soon found themself in a general meeting room, both drinking tea. Something that Kai has done with the father since he was a boy.

He... misses this.

"How are you? It isn't like you to visit without calling first?"

Kai lets out a low hum and swallows dry.

"I'm just.... getting tired.."

His voice is solemn and a bit sad. His eyes are downturned into the dark liquid of his tea.

"It's just...It's hard, father... The upper district.... it isn't like here. The dirt and the filth are all dressed up and made to look like gold..." He said throwing a rather haunted look at Father Walter.

Walter's smile twitches a bit before he leans over, seemingly gather his thoughts.

"Kai.." He starts off, his voice is comforting. "You know what this city is like, how they are. They believe themselves untouchable!"

Walter then stands and walks over to Kai, bending a knee to be at eye level with the young man. He raises a hand and ruffles his hair.

"You make them scared. You did something that no other hero has risen before in Briagas. You made them realize that they are not untouchable."

Kai let out a bitter laugh.

"And at what point? Cut off one head, for three more to grow in its place?"

Father Walter lets out a laugh before standing straight again with a small groan.

"Success my son is a marathon, not a sprint."

Kai nods, he understands that, and yet still he could help the helpless feeling in his stomach.

"Still I should have listened to you, keep my head in the sand. Don't stir up trouble."

Walter lets out a hearty laugh.

"Trouble follows you, son, like a bad stink. And either way, if you didn't be who you are, you would have never gotten to where you are now."

Kai let out a scoff.

"And where is that Father?"

"You are fighting a war, Kai. One that is long and hard-fought. But it is the only way that the people here, can even hope to get any justice. You are a good man, brave...caring."

Kai's smile is shy and he shakes his head.

"I'm not a good person. Just had a good teacher."

Walter smiled back with a laugh.

"I'm just an old man trying to make a safe place for those less fortunate."

Kai was about to say more however is cut off by a knock at the doors to the meeting room. The door slowly opens to one of the nuns with another man in tow. The man appears well dressed, with dark-colored eyes with a comb-over. No one that Kai recognizes but he could tell this man was from the upper district without a doubt. A small frown comes to his face.

"Ah, Mr. Williams! I'm so sorry for the lateness of our meeting. An... old acquaintance just passed by." Walter said with a small smile, he then turns to Kai with an apologetic look. "Ah sorry to cut our meeting short. We've been preparing for a big event here at the foster home."

Kai nods understanding, he does remember the occasional events that had been held in the past. A way to get more kids adopted and to hopefully fundraise. It was getting late anyway, he needs to get back and rest up for the shit show for tomorrow anyway.

He rises from his seat giving Father Walter a smile and nod and then turns to walk out. As he does the man, Mr. Williams enters. As they pass one another, there is an odd moment. He thought he felt the eyes of the man on him but as he turned to look that man was already at Walter's side and they were cheerfully talking. Like old friends who haven't seen each other in a while. Kai pauses only for a second for shaking it off and leaving.

As he walks back out into the now-bitter night air, he lets a sigh.

"Back into the lion's cage..." He mumbles to himself, eyes closed in thought.

Truly Briagas is exactly like that of a lion's cage. Graceful while caged up but a brutal predator when uncaged.

When his eyes open however there is a new fire in his eyes. Walter was right, Kai's battle wasn't some small-time fight. He was fighting against a mountain. And the best way to beat a mountain is to create as many avalanches as possible.

A stark smirk comes to his lips.

He's an expert at causing avalanches.

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