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Prince of Food Ep 15: Shish Kebab


❈Kun Jung-Hee

Nova Hotel


There have been many times in my life when I honestly and truly thought that God was testing me. This apparently was one of those such times. I sort of stared blankly at the girl, Jasmine if I remember her name correctly. She was looking to me like I was her only lifeline or something. The creepy stalker guy also was looking at me, eyes scanning me up and down before turning back to her with a rather offended look on his face.

"Seriously babe, you're here with him? He's a fucking twink!" He huffs out with an arrogant grin stretched across his lips.

She looks at him annoyed, whether due to what he said or the fact that he was still leaning over at her like a damn predator, I do not know. But in my honest option, I'm leaning more towards the latter. I watch the spectacle for a while, still weight whether or not to help her. As I said before, not a good person but my internal angel in the form of my lovely mother that I could practically envision eventually made my decision for me.

So I intervened like a good person.

"Hey man, look I get that you want to get your dick wet but I would advise against it. It ain't worth it trust me. Crazy bitch isn't a good look." I said in a bored tone, flicking off some lint from my shirt.

Nailed it!

Both of them turned to me with equal looks of rage which I found to be a complete win in my books. The asshole finally stops hovering over Jasmine and stalks over to me, clearly puffing out his chest in compensation for something. He loams over me by at least a head and some inches but I'm not really concerned by that.

"What you say, fucking twink? You must really want me to knock you flat on the ground huh?" He said, punching into his hand with that same arrogant smile.

I honestly wished he would. It was definitely be entertaining for me. I looked from him to Jasmine behind who was looking back a bit worried. Which honestly was a bit touching. I then turn back to twiddle dumb in front of me and let out a small sigh.

"...okay, so here's what gonna happen. You are going to walk away with all your teeth intact. And we all have a happy day? How about it cupcake?" I said with a positively smug smirk on my face.

Obviously dumber and dumber didn't find my idea feasible. He lets out a huff like an animal and then draws a fist back to punch. What happened next was so effortless it almost made me sad. I slip to the side, dodging his punch with ease. He tries again and again. The guy may have been built like a brick wall but he was sluggish and slow with every swing. I was trying not to really hurt the guy as there was obviously a difference between my skill and his. I don't generally like to fight people who are clearly in over their head even though watching his fail around was immensely entertaining. Eventually, he was out of breathing, huffing and puffing like he could get enough air. He glares at me still angry obviously and now a bit humiliated.

"Fight back you pussy!!" He yells out like a temperamental child.

I let out another sigh as I look back at him.

"I'm here on vacation my guy. I'm not trying to get kicked out for putting someone in the hospital. So as I said before, move along. Now." I said with a frown.

He let out a yell and then charges at me again. However this time I've had enough of this bullshit. I dodge again but this time tripping him in the process. He falls over flat on his face with a loud thud. I flinch a bit as it didn't look pretty in the least. He recovers but his face is all red, especially his nose His head whips to me and he points at me with an enraged look on his face.

"T-this isn't over! I fucking get you, just watch!!!" He said like some classic cartoon villain.

He then gets up and angrily stomps down the hall and off into the distance.

"Bye, bye~!" I mockingly wave him off, like the little shit that I am.

After he finally was not in sight, I turned back to my remaining problem. Jasmine looks mildly impressed which didn't sit well with me. I instantly turn around and was going to walk away. That was until I heard her speak.

"Hey wait!"

She then runs up next to me, a devilish smile on her face. I frown a bit deeper as I could feel a foreboding feeling welding up.

"Look I got rid of your next victim so please, go away." I sneer, giving her an annoyed look.

She frowns for only a millisecond before her face returns to her previous expression.

"Fuck him, I honestly don't even know him. I was looking for my friend who actually works here when that jackass came up to harass me." She said with a wave of her hand.

I continue to walk and try desperately to look like I'm bothered so that maybe someone would come to save me. But alas no such luck.

"...Jackson was right about you though, you really are prickly." She said.

I had been tuning her out until this point so I'm not quite sure how we got on the subject of Jackson but god was it the last thing I wanted to talk about. Why can I just have a few days where I don't have all my shitty problems follow me around. I then stop suddenly to which she also stops, looking at me a bit confused.

"Okay, look I don't get what your deal is, and to be quite honest, I don't give two fucks. I'm here on vacation. I don't know Jackson and I sure as fuck don't know you. So why don't we both do ourselves some favors and just avoid each other." I said in a plain manner, looking her directly in the eyes.

I saw a few emotions pass on her face too quick to follow but the one she finally ended on was one that I've seen before. Curiosity, like she found a new toy or something that is particularly unique or weird. Which honestly fuck my life I guess?

"....Sure." She said simply before just walking away.

I knew at that moment, that "sure" was nothing but bullshit. I stood rooted in my spot for a few seconds before suddenly hearing a bing noise. I pull out my phone to see that Racheal had been texting me, there was already 4 unread message in my inbox. I let out a small curse as I read that latest one.

'Jung-Hee, I swear to god if I have to find you, that shit will not be pretty.'

I quickly send a text back to her and start walking back to my room. I see both Amy and Racheal outside my door just chatting before they noticed me.

"Jung-Hee, god finally. What took you so long to text back?" She said with a very suspicious look on her face.

"Nothing, are you two ready?" I said not even bothering to try and explain it.

It didn't matter cause this weekend nothing was going to stop me from enjoying myself. I could tell Racheal was concerned and curious but she just nodded in response. The three of us then left the hotel, first wandering around the general area to get an idea of how everything looked around us. I had to admit being away from the more heavy city areas was nice. The buildings here were too close together and there was more vegetation. Also, there was the beach as well, that was a bit plus for sure. There were a lot of outside vendors for a variety of things, food, clothes, jewelry, you name it.

"Oh my god~! I love this!!" Racheal said as she pulled down a necklace.

"You said that about the last three ones, are you going to actually buy it?" I ask her a bit drily.

"Ugh, you're such a killjoy Jung-Hee." She sneered at me before returning her attention to the necklace.

Now I'm sure I may come off a grouch but this time was warranted. We've been walking around for at least 45 minutes and she still hasn't decided what she wanted to buy. She kept saying that this or that is cute but never actually buying says she wants to "look around some more before coming back". That and also everything she has bought, guess who's carrying it?

Me, I'm the pack mull.

Amy at least looks apologetic to me as she hands me one more bag. Granted this stuff isn't heavy by any means but after having at least 20 bags, it starts to weigh on you. But then again seeing the absolute joy on her face, one that I haven't seen in a while does put a damper on my pity party. Fortunately, we had gotten food at one of the stands, some absolutely divine smelling shish kebabs that I was currently inhaling like I haven't eaten in 3 weeks.

"Ohh Jung-Hee, look at this!" Racheal said.

But only just a little...

"Yes, yes Racheal what is it?" I said turning to her while biting into my food with a rather obscene moan.

She was looking back at me with a rather disgusted look before holding up a circle-shaped glass trinket. Inside was a random assortment of stones at the bottom, colorful beads in the middle and at the top was a rolled-up small piece of dark purple paper. It was sealed close with a dark brown cork and a leather string hanging from it. It was a wishing bottle. A heavy pang clawed at my heart as I frown came to my face that I couldn't control. Racheal hadn't noticed at the moment as she was looking at the trinket with a smile.

"It's a wishing bottle, right? You had a few at your house?" She said.

I quickly wipe the frown off my face even though the pangs of hurt and sudden desperation to run were clawing at my heart.

"..Uh yeah.."

Racheal turns to me immediately. I wasn't sure what gave it away but she knew something was wrong.

"Is there something wrong? I thought you guys like these?"

I shook my head and forced a smile on my face. There was a lot of conversation that I could handle talking about but this particular one wasn't one I wanted to talk about and will not.

"No, no these are great. I'll get a few for mom, sis, and the twins." I said.

Racheal was still looking at me with concern, I knew she could tell that I was trying to hide something. She was always good at that. But this wasn't a conversation I really, really wasn't willing to have.

"..Right.." She said slowly, still eyeing me closely.

I just continued to push throw the swirl of feelings and end up buying one extra. Whether I did it consciously or not wasn't something I was really thinking about. I couldn't help the sudden nervousness, this wasn't something normal and I know it. I just couldn't help it. I quickly stuffed my purchase away, not looking at them before turning back to Racheal and Amy. Both of which are now both looking at me with concern.

Which fuck me but I'll play this off even if it kills me.

"So are we done here or did you want to go on to the back to other venders?" I ask, trying to appear as casual as possible.

I obviously fail that as Racheal now looks sad which made me want to just kick myself.

"No... let's just walk around.." She says.

I just nod lamely and the three of us walk around in rather awkward silence. I was lagging behind a bit due to the bags. But it gave me a clear view of Racheal who I could tell was trying hard to figure out what was wrong. It made me feel bad but honestly, I didn't think this particular story was worth it. It wasn't like there was anything anyone could do about it.

"..Um Jung-Hee."

I almost jump out of my skin at the voice and turn to see Amy's concerned face.


I couldn't help the flinch at hearing my own voice so shaky like I was on death row or something. Thank god for Amy being the angel that she was, she didn't comment on that, just gave me a small smile.

"...I know it's none of my business. But you should try talking to her." Amy said, her eyes drifting to Racheal who was still deep in thought.

I let out a small sigh as she was completely right about that. Racheal was the kind of person who if she feels like she's done something wrong, she ruminates on it. And given that it wasn't her fault, the guilt claws up a bit more. I then nod to Amy, we all came out here to have fun. And nothing is gonna get in the way of that.

"Racheal." I called out to her.

She stops and turns to me but averts her eyes a bit sadly. Amy and I also stop, Amy looks like she was to give us some space but I motion for her to stay. Amy even before my interaction with her was strict to work setting has slowly become someone I'm starting to trust.

"Hey, none of that. I'm not upset or anything." I said.


"Hey just listen for a second okay?" I said to her slowly.

She frowns but then nods. I take in a breath as I think about how to explain this.

"..Okay, so remember how way back, I used to be pretty big in arts and crafts?" I ask her.

She nods with a small smile.

"Yeah... I remember you used to make me little brackets when I would bagger you for them."

I smile back at her but then it slides down to the frown as the memories come.

"Yeah well, there was a reason for that. When...dear old dad was still around, he would end up traveling for work a lot. And when he came back he would bring back gifts, nice things he found."

I could practically feel myself getting lost in those happier memories. Wake up early in the morning to see Dad with an arm full of gifts. The twins weren't born yet but mom was heavily pregnant. She loved them, Jae-Yun would also try and take the "best one" and I of course was interested in the new items.

"One thing in particular that he started to bring back, and this was around when the twins were born, were these small bottles with a piece of paper in it. He knew how much I loved crafts so he showed me how to make them myself."

I could faintly see Racheal's face pale as she realized what I was talking about.

"He would tell me and Jae-Yun that they were for our wishes, dreams, and wants. That we would write whatever we wanted and put it in the bottle and whenever we needed encouragement we would open them and read it for luck!"

My frown deepen as my memories continued on like a crappy movie that had a clear predictable ending.

"I made a bunch of them. One in particular that I made for Dad. I was too young to really understand when things changed. Dad wasn't going on trips as much, but he would disappear for hours or end after work. I didn't notice the worry and stress on my mom's face. It wasn't until my junior year, that everything made clear sense."

I let out a small bitter chuckle.

"One day Dad was just gone. No note, no warning, nothing. Mom and he had a few arguments here and there but nothing crazy. Mom called his work, and they told her that he had been fired three weeks ago. And then the debt collectors came. Telling mom that apparently dear Dad had been gambling with money he clearly didn't have."

"Jung-Hee... You don't have to-"

"It's fine Racheal"

It really wasn't but I need to continue, otherwise, I wouldn't know what I would do. I've never really talked about what happened with my father to Racheal. She knew he left and we were in debt because of it but that was all.

"...He wagered our house, and the college funds mom had been putting away for me and Jae-Yun."

I didn't have to look at Racheal or Amy to know they were upset.

"So we had to move from our house to a shitty three-bedroom apartment to deal with some of the debt. Mom started working three shifts and got really sick." I could feel my voice breaking as I was too deep in my memories.

"Jung-Hee enough." Racheal said as she grabbed my arm.

There were unshed tears in her eyes and I reached over to wipe them away with a bitter smile.

"...I really am a killjoy.." I said with a grumble.

She shook her head and looks back at me with a look of pure sadness.

"No, I'm sorry. I should have pushed it. I just... really want you to have a good time. That's all."

I let out a small laugh, it was weak and a bit sad but it was at least a laugh.

"Yeah...I know. I want that too."

It was quiet for a few moments as I recentered myself. I then rose my head up and look back at Amy and Racheal.

"Okay let's go party."

The both of them looked at me like I had grown another head.

"Uh, Jung-Hee? What are you-"

"We came out here to enjoy ourselves right? So let go do that."

Amy looks to Racheal and shrugs not really having a problem with my suggestion. Racheal though looks back at me with that worried look on her face still.

"A-are you sure? I mean we could just hang out here on the beach or even go back to the room or something."

I smile at her. Honestly, I don't deserve her, really.

"It's okay Rach. Let's go raise some hell." I said now with a very devious smile on my face.

She now looks back at me with a slightly concerned face before a smile blooms on her face.


And off we went. Hitting up club after club, dancing the evening away. Like I said before, I'm going to enjoy this vacation.

Even if it kills me.

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