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Prince of Food Ep 19: Crispy Buffalo Wings


❈Kun Jung-Hee



It was honestly surprising to witness someone who had a more dramatic life than you. Especially given how much fame and money Jackson had, it was rather cathartic to know that even people with money truly can have just as shitty a life as one of the little people.

To say that it wasn't incredibly awkward would be a bald-faced lie in every sense of the meaning. Amy, Racheal, and I were basically doing a silent match of eyeball tennis as we look between the two groups. Jackson's two friends were glaring at Jasmine who in turn was refusing to look at them. Hell, she looked like she was completely checked out, staring off the side. Jackson however was looking between the two girls with a mixture of uncomfort and a tad dip of anger. And lastly the girl, Abbey I think her name was, was just looking at Jackson in a mix of surprised and a somewhat unreadable look. This lasted for 5 rather painful minutes until Abbey finally spoke up.

"Um, so we should take the pictures while it still time." She said, very obviously trying to avoid talking or even addressing the very tense situation.

As if someone hit the play button, there was movement again. Jackson, Racheal, Jasmine, and Abby walked up to the N1U booth, waiting rather unhappily in line for their turn. While the rest of us were off on the side waiting patiently for their return. The lines were as followed me, then Amy, than Hayden, and lastly was Jackson. For a few minutes, we just stood by in silence even though the yarn to talk was itching between us.  Fortunately being me, petty that I am, I was the first the talk as I was still a bit annoyed by Jackson.

"My, you have quite the messy life, lover boy." I said in a dry tone.

I could feel Amy's tensing up and throwing me looks. I'm sure that same was for Jackson's friend but the look on Jackson's face was more than illuminating enough. He was glaring at me with a rather harsh sneer. His arms crossed over his chest and a deep frown on his face.

"Are you usually this much of an asshole? I know your friend mentioned it before but god." He grumbled at me.

"Basically. I'm still rather annoyed with your presence so there is also that." I said with an annoyed look on my face.

Jackson just glares further at me.

To be honest, I was a bit surprised myself at had annoyed I actually was. I mean sure, normally I was be annoyed given the situation but given that he did apologize, even though it was shitty in comparison, I shouldn't be this upset. It's probably due to the fact after losing my job, a variety of shit happened afterward. Hell, I was here just to get a moment of peace. And yet, here Jackson is again.

Something that also is getting on my nerves is that it would seem that fate seems to be never-ending pitting us together. At some point, I was starting to think he was stalking me or something. Jackson inhales sharply at my earlier statement.

"What are you, 5? Are you seriously going to hate me for something I have already apologized for!"

I just shrug for his answer, I didn't really feel the want or need to explain anything to him. His face takes on a stormy expression for a few seconds before he suddenly just looks at me in a contemplative manner.

"What are you looking at?" I grumble at him.

His expression stays that way for a few minutes before taking on an oddly pitiful look. One of which I didn't like at all as I frown a bit deeper.

"...Is that the reason maybe.." He mumbles a bit.

I caught it a bit and was now visibly concerned with what Jackson could have possibly cooked up in his mind. I could feel Amy's worried eyes on me as she could visible see the anger boiling slowly like a baby flame. Hayden was also looking at me with a wary look before turning to Jackson.

"...Sorry I took your first kiss." Jackson says suddenly.

The silence that followed was both suffocating and awkward as all hell. My eyes were practically bulging out of my head with how astounded I guess I was. Amy was as stiff as a corpse next to me, staring almost in comedic horror at Jackson. While Hayden was looking like his friend just suggested something extremely outrageous which he would be absolutely correct. I however wasn't having any of this.

"What?" I hissed out with a murderous look on my face.

Jackson looked back at me still with that annoying look of pity on his face. However, it suddenly turned a bit pale and his eyes widened in some kind of realization that I knew wouldn't make me happy in the least.

"..Or maybe it's worst than that?... Was...Was I your gay awakening or something?" He asked rather boldly, even having the nerve to lower his voice a bit at the end of his sentence.

Of all the stupidest-!!

I could hear a strangled sound from the side of me, most likely was Amy. Hayden was now looking at Jackson like he had clearly lost his mind and was trying to get him to shut up. Jackson however looked deadly serious and even apologized some more.

At this moment I honestly believe that I would murder him. I could visually and mentally feel it.

"Are you fucking-"

"We're back!"

A voice cut through my blind rage and we all turned back to see the group who had gone to get their autographs had returned. Racheal upon getting closer took one look at the extremely dark look on my face and froze like she was the one who have drawn my ire. Jasmine and her friend were a tad bit confused by the rather odd tension in the air and Jacob was looking at Jackson a bit confused by the look on his face.

"You're done? Great, let's go." I said in a hurry and if I'm honest rudely but I couldn't give two fucks at the moment.

I wasn't sure if I was going to punch Jackson in the face or not so I just wanted to be far away from him as possible. Vacation be damned. Racheal just nods stiffly and both she and Amy follow behind me silently as we walk away from the other group. After finally putting some distance between us, I let out a sigh.

"Are you okay? What happened?" Rachel asks worriedly.

I really and truthfully didn't want to answer that question just due to the risk of going into a red-hazed rage. I took a calming breath before finally answering Racheal.

"Nothing honestly, just Jackson is just as much of an idiot as I was expecting." I just grumble out unhappily.

I knew she wanted to ask more but Amy shook her head next to her and I'm sure motioned that she would explain later. Either way, Racheal dropped it and we continued to enjoy the festival. It didn't take long for the actual concert to start. The music actually did calm me down thankfully and I put Jackson into the very back of my mind. All the performances were quite good, though I'm fairly certain that I lost my hearing when N1U came on the stage. Rachel was practically screaming at the top of her lungs for her "Sun Unna". Listening to their music was actually much more pleasant than I was expecting. I was expecting a more preppy kind of music, even a bit cutesy but the song that they played had a more hip hop and electronic vibe to it. It would be defiantly something that I wouldn't mind listening to on a day-to-day basis, but given how the radio tends to play out music that is popular, it is fortunate that I don't usually listen to too much of it.

Soon the overall concert was over and we found ourselves at the after party which was held in a bar not too far from where the concert was. The bar was pretty nice aesthetics-wise but it was pretty well packed due to all the concert-goers. We were actually lucky to get a table since it was the last one. We ordered and talked a bit as our food came. I had ordered their crispy buffalo wings, the smell of them was glorious.

Racheal was looking at me bug-eyed after Amy explained to her what had happened earlier.

"He said that?!" She said.

I nodded while taking a liberal sip of my drink. It was alcoholic and fruity in taste, not bad at all though it did get a bit sweet at moments. She looked like she wanted to laugh at the ridiculousness of it all but thought better at seeing the poor mood I was in about it just from remembering it.

"Wow, I'm surprised that's where his mind went." Racheal said with a slightly amused smile on her face.

"He's a fucking egoistic maniac that's all. He just like any other rich prick." I mumbled taking a bit of my food.

"Well, I guess I am also a bit shocked that you are as angry as you are. But given how Jackson is kind of like your opposite I guess it's not too hard to figure."

I looked at her a bit confused by her statement.

"My opposite? What do you mean?"

"Hmm well, he's a pretty social guy, and if you haven't noticed you don't do too well with super social people. Hell, I'm still surprised you are friends with me!" Racheal jokes.

I frown a bit at her but she is right. I've never been good with overly sociable people or pushy people. I just didn't have the patience or social aptitude to deal with it.

"Secondly he's a bit joker. Not one to be overly serious. And you don't always take well to jokes." She points out.

"That is not always true. I can be funny." I said, wincing a bit at how it even sounded to my own ears.

Racheal doesn't say anything but the side-eye look that she throws me is enough.

"And he's well off. I think personally Jung-Hee, you hate rich people on principal."

"Well given how long I've had to deal with them at Jubilees, I think that's warranted." I grumbled taking an aggressive bite of the wings I had ordered.

Racheal only nods helplessly. She and Amy knew well of the shit we had to deal with on a daily basis with whatever rich asshole decided to enter the restaurant that day. It was a constant thing that didn't get bad per se but still was demoralizing when they all looked at you like you were a bug under their shoe.

"No, trust me I get it." Racheal says with a dark look forming on her face.

I let out a small sigh as I scratch the back of my head. Again I keep bringing the mood down. Suddenly a song comes on that is a bit more upbeat than usual. I can feel my head unconsciously bouncing to the beat. I looked over to see that there was indeed a dance floor which had people already on it, dancing wildly.

"...We should dance."

Racheal looks up at me like I had grown an extra head.


"Let's all dance!" I repeated, this time looking at her.

"What? Why do you want to dance all of the sudden? I usually have to beg you to go clubbing?" She said with a laugh.

Amy was also a bit confused by my sudden urge to dance which given how I am, understandable. Dancing wasn't something I did a lot, Racheal would also say it's good for stress. And in the past, I will admit on my more stressful days even when I'm dragging my feet to agree, I'm thankful for when we do go out dancing. Not to say I'm a pro dancer or anything like that, it's just... the movement and I guess the fun release of all my nervous energy is just cathartic to me.

"We came to enjoy this. So let's do that."

"And dance like idiots?" She said already getting up.

I grin widely to her.

"Yes and dance like idiots."

We both laughed while Amy just shook her head and joined in with us. For the rest of the evening, we just enjoyed ourselves. Dancing like mad and laughing the night away. The feeling it brought was something I couldn't quite describe in words. But I just wished for it not to end.

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