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Prince of Food Ep 21: Fried Dough


❈Kun Jung-Hee



As it would turn out, we may have partied a bit too hard the night prior. The headache that was currently splitting my head was a credit to that very statement. I let out a groan as a rolled over holding my head in my hand. However, I quickly let out a hiss as I felt my body aching a bit as well.

"..What the hell...?"

My voice felt like sandpaper as I sleepily opened my eyes. My blurry vision cleared after a few seconds and a couple of things become quite clear to me.

1. I absolutely was shit-faced yesterday.

2. My room was a mess of clothing, one I recognize as my own and other that I know for sure aren't mine.

3. This one was the most important one yet.

There was someone in my bed with me.

"..Fuck." I whisper under my breath as I looked over the figure next to me

I had a clear vision of a muscled back facing me. Whoever it was had dark-skinned, dark-colored hair, and clearly worked out. Maybe it was my still sleep saddle mind working against me, but my first immediate thought was that I somehow against all my previous protest had somehow fallen into bed with Jackson.

A deep-seated dread filled my stomach as I tried to think back how the fuck any of this had happened.

Unfortunately, the only response I got was more headache.

So I went to my phone in hopes something would be there to answer my question. There were a few rather drunken texts between me and Racheal. Something about a hot date? Which I'm assuming is the person next to me. I frown as I look at him again.

First off, he was not Jackson (thank god for small mercies), he was handsome though at least from what I could see. He was also waking up which caused a small panic in me. He lets out a yawn as he rises up from the bed, he scratches the back of his head before looking at me. I am a bit shocked by the light brown color of his eyes.

I had to admit they were beautiful.

Now that I could see him fully, I can say for sure. He was hot af. He seemed amused at my shock as he just looked over at me.

"Good morning?" He said in a clear yet husky tone.

I was still kind of stun locked to this whole situation. I just let out a small hum and nodded stiffly to him. He gets up out of bed, completely naked by the way. I couldn't help my eyes greedily taking in his form. He gets dressed rather casually even as I'm having a literally mental breakdown on the bed. After he is fully dressed, he does turn to me.

"See ya around maybe?" He said with a smile.

"Ah... yeah sure.." I mumbled as I looked away from him a bit awkwardly.

I didn't even remember his name. God, what the hell was I doing yesterday?

"It's Shane by the way." He said as if he was reading my mind.

I just nodded to him again which fortunately he wasn't offended by my awkwardness. He even smiles again and leaves out the room. Once I'm 100% sure the guy is gone, I quickly ring up Racheal. She answers on the 3rd ring.

"..Hello..?" Her voice grumbles still heavily tired.

"Racheal, the the fuck did we do last night?"

"Jung-Hee?" She says slowly as if trying to remember who I was.

After a few minutes, however, she does come back to herself as she gasps loudly.

"Oh, how was your night~~!!" She teases relentlessly.

I give her a noncommittal hum as I lean back in my bed, my body still sore obviously. Clearly, I had a night, a good one if my aching body is anything to go by. But tragically I don't remember jack shit. Something of which I know Racheal would absolutely make fun of.

"Sooo what's his name? Did he leave you his number so you can call?" Racheal fired off question after question.

I let out a sigh as I tell her his name and unfortunately he didn't leave his number.

"Oh? I was so sure he did? Did he put it in your phone last night?"

I quickly look down at my phone and navigate through my number. There wasn't a lot so his number was easy to find since it had his name. So he did give me his number after all.

"Huh, I guess he did..."

"Wait Jung-Hee.... you do remember last night right?" Racheal asks suspiciously.

I let out a mumble of sounds that were not quite words. The snort of laughter that bubbled from her throat was my unfortunate answer. I let out a sigh and groan as I rubbed a hand over my face,

"You seriously don't remember!? Haha!"

"Ugh, don't be so loud! My head still hurts." I say with a whine.

"Oh sorry! It's just really funny that you don't remember anything from last night given how you were going on and on." She said still annoyingly amused.

I didn't find it quite as funny as I glared into my ceiling.

"Why? What did I say?"

"Well for one you were cursing Jackson's name up and down. Calling him and this is a verbatim quote "Unfortunately handsome jackass". You sound so upset even when you said it!" Racheal chuckled for good measure.

I vaguely do remember cursing about Jackson before dancing but afterward was still quite a blur. I wasn't surprised though that I would say that cause factually it was true. Jackson was handsome but also a raging jackass.

An unfortunate combination indeed.

Well, at least I got a happy ending out of all that happened yesterday.

"Hmm well, that aside we are still checking out around 5 or so right?" I said switch subjects.

"Oh yes! Let's get ready to explore a bit more. I want to see if there are any more things to buy before we leave. It's usually cheap on the last day." Racheal said as I could hear her shuffling around.

"Is Amy alive as well?"

"She's still sleeping. Hey Amy, wake up!!!" Racheal said as I hear her calling to Amy and I'm assuming trying to shake her awake.

Amy let out some humming noises that sounded like she was waking but then I could hear Racheal still calling her.

"Well, just text me when you two are ready to go." I said as I rose up finally from my bed.

My body protest the move but I had to shower. Racheal gave me a sound of agreement before I hung up. Going into the bathroom was a bit of awake up call as I took in my appearance. I had red marks going up the side of my neck which would explain why my neck felt like I slept on it wrong. And unfortunately for me, I didn't have any shirts that would be able to hide these.

Lucky me I guess...

The shower was nice at least. After I was fully clean, I quickly dressed and did my best to tidy up the room a bit. Did want to be super rude to the cleaning crew afterward. Not long after I finished did I get the text from Racheal, she and Amy were ready to go. By this point, it was about around 10:30, the morning was good outside of a bit cool. I was just leaning on the wall outside of my room looking through the images I apparently took last night. A small smile came to my face as I looked through them.

Even though I couldn't fully remember everything, I knew we had fun just by the images.

"Well damn, you definitely had a good night it would seem."

I practically roll my eyes at Racheal's dig as she and Amy walk out of their room and see me. Amy at least is polite enough to comment on my appearance. Racheal on the other hand was not only staring but couldn't help saying something.

"Yeah, yeah get all your little comments out now. My head still feels a bit less than great and I'm craving something sweet. Can we go now please?" I ask, adding the please for good measure.

Fortunately, it works as Racheal just nods and we continue on our day. Maybe it was due to the fact that I was still tired and a bit sore even after my long shower. But today shopping didn't make me feel like I was being tortured slowly. We even got something sweet which I was extremely grateful for. The sweet dough and powder smell of the fried dough that I got made my very soul sing.

"Oooh that I have to get!" Racheal said as she grabbed yet another shirt.

She was back on her N1U grid it would seem. It wasn't a booth we had gone to before given that its location was pretty far from the hotel. It was certainly packed with a lot of people who I'm guessing had the same idea as Racheal.

"Ah, this one I got to get!" She said as she reached out to grab another item, a scarf this time.

However, she is surprised to see someone else also reaching out for that same scarf. Their hand brushes together as they both try to grab the scarf at different ends. Racheal looks up to whoever her opponent is and is shocked. Amy and I were a few feet away just enjoying our fried dough in peace. However, that peaceful bubble is cracked when I heard Racheal utter a name I didn't want to hear.

"Oh, Jackson's friend right?" She said as she throws an almost nervous look in my direction.

I pretend with all my might that I don't hear her and continued to eat in bliss. It was just me, my fried dough and powder goodness. Nothing else to bring my day down.

"Oh! You that guy's friend! I'm surprised you guys are still here!" Jacob says with a smile.

They talked for a bit, Jacob actually, and surprisingly to me, lets Racheal have the scarf. I still am pretending to be mere passerby in this interaction that has 0 to do with me. I can feel Amy's eyes on me but again as I stated.

It was only me, my fried dough and powder good-

Something solid and tall suddenly bumps me and down goes my half-eaten fried dough. I watch in frozen horror as it falls to the ground and hits the dirt.

"Oh shit, sorry man I didn't mean..."

The familiar voice trails off as I'm sure he takes in my appearance and recognized me. My happiness bubbled now broken and in pieces on the dirt making my face fall. My head shoots to the side as I give the dirtiest look to Jackson who is looking at me like I'm a feral animal.

And given that it's him, maybe I am.

Cause I was literally too close to mauling this man to death.

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