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Prince of Food Ep 23: Fudge and Cookie Dough Sundae


❈Kun Jung-Hee



To say I was unhappy would be an understatement. I keep glancing down at poor fried dough that was well beyond saving.

"Ah, s-sorry! ... Can I buy you another one?" I hear Jackson say.

I just glare back at him, just honestly pissed off on principle. I could see Amy from the edge of my vision looking nervously between the two of us, expecting a fight most likely. And to be honest, if I wasn't in such a good mood (and too sore) I would probably be more confrontational. I was however going to say something but was interrupted by the sound of someone clearing their voice loudly.

I turn to see Racheal who was still in line with Jackson's friend just glaring at me from the booth they were at. She even start mouthing wordlessly to me, fortunately, it didn't take a genius to tell what she was suggesting.

"Play nice" her mouth mimed to me.

And as if to make sure I knew she was serious she even did that 'I'm watching you' motion. What am I? Her child? Although I couldn't help feeling the judgmental pressure of her now basically telling me to make friends with Jackson. A small shudder goes down my spine at the prospect. But I took in a deep breath and turn to him which he sort of jumped to which made me a little happy.

"...No, it's fine.." I managed to force it out.

Being nice is hard. Especially with someone like Jackson who after my statement lets out a short chuckle. My glare was more than justified and if he say anything stupid, I would have more than some pointed words for him. He seemed to realize my anger was brewing and tried to calm me.

"S-sorry... sorry!" He said trying to make me less angry.

It didn't work obviously but again in too good a mood to let him get to me. I was hoping to spend the time waiting for Racheal to finish in relative and comfortable silence but of course, I couldn't have that. Jackson was staring at me, mouth opening and closing as I'm sure he was trying to put some kind of sentence together but was failing miserably. I was trying very hard to ignore him but after the 3rd time, I had enough.

"...Are you going to say something or just keep staring at me?"  I ask, not looking at him.

There's a pause before he speaks.

"Ah, sorry. It's just we haven't had the ...uh best track record. Didn't want to make things worst." He says with a sheepish smile.

Like you could do anything worst, my mind bitterly replies.

"...Hm, trust me I don't think anything more you can do to make the worst impression on me." I say bluntly.

Racheal may have told me to be nice but that doesn't mean I have to like it.

"...But then again, I'm a natural asshole so honestly it's not all that hard." I finished with a shrug.

It was true, I generally was like this to almost everyone and honestly, it still surprises me to this day Racheal has murdered me and threw my body in a ditch somewhere.

"Hmm, well there is this thing called being nice? It actually proves to make you more friends?" He said in a joking tone.

I give him a dry look with a frown on my face.

"Sound like a terminal illness. 0/10, won't recommend."

The laugh he let out was completely unconscious and drew a wide smile to his face. I could tell now why so many people were attracted to him. Besides his apparent appeal, his smile definitely lit up his face.

"But you must have been nice at some point in your life. You have at least two friends?" He said still with that rather soft smile on his face.

"Well, Racheal's crazy first off, and Amy is a literal angel so they both don't count." I say with a raised eyebrow.

He lets out another laugh as if caught off guard by my words which were to be expected. Not many people I'm sure are this blunt to him. Amy who had been talking with his other friends turn to us briefly since I called her name. I just shrugged at her to which she gave a confused smile before turning back to her conversation.

"Being nice isn't all the bad. You won't even die from it!"

A likely story is what I think of that particular statement.

"Hmm, sound too hard. Being an asshole is easy. Less facial muscles as well."

He doesn't reply to that just looks at me thoroughly amused. He goes quiet for a few seconds before his face twists weirdly and he gets an even awkward look on his face.

"Why are you making such a weird face?" I ask slowly, looking at him like he's lost his mind.

He stumbles a bit to try and explain before finally getting it out.

"I can honestly say you are the first person who knew me and generally didn't like or even gave a shit about me. It's ... refreshing."

He just drops that with a childlike almost nervousness on his face, like I was going to make fun of him. And I would have if his stupid face didn't basically disarm me... Seriously why is it almost the ones who have everything also get ridiculously good looks as well? I just turn away as I could absolutely feel my face heating up a bit.

"...Hmm, you're welcome..."

And I had hoped that would have been the end of this now awkward exchange but of course not.

"Ah, you got some marks on your neck."

I turn and my hand goes up to my neck. Pressing down I could feel the hickeys more than I did so far. I mumble a small curse under my breath as I thought I had covered them all.

"Ah, the girl you were with must have been pretty possessive?" He continued a small smirk on his face.

I turn and look at him, was he trying to tease me or something? I think he was... oh well then, I'll play ball then.

"...Wasn't a girl. Not this time at least." I answered without a shred of shame.

Normally I wouldn't disclose information to people who have literally nothing to do with it but I'm feeling naughty it would seem. He looked a bit shocked and tried his best to hide it but his initial look was too obvious.

"O-oh? A boyfriend then?" He asks awkwardly.

"...No, just some guy I hooked up with. Must have not noticed, was a bit sore this morning..."

"Oh, uhh I see."

How cute, he's blushing. He looked like a kid caught in an embarrassingly awkward position and was is doing everything to not look at me directly.

"..What? Wasn't expecting something like that?" I ask with a raised eyebrow and a slowly forming smirk.

He must have been more shocked than I realized as he didn't even respond verbally just shook his head. My smirk was now in full display as I lean over a bit to look him in the eyes with a sly expression.


Tragically before I needle him further Racheal and Jacob returned back to us with their stash. Also, the shop owner is glaring at us like we just robbed them. Jackson mentions as much to both of them but their response was to just grin like little goblins. Well, more than likely if this vendor ever comes back, they are absolutely not selling to us again. After a few moments, Jackson announced they were would be leaving. Jacob is quick to walk over to Racheal with a wide grin and shake his cell phone at her.

"Remember to check the group chat! I'll probably be scheduling a meet-up again." He says with a big smile.

Racheal smile's back softly, one that I haven't seen in a while and it sends a chill up my spine.

"Yeah, I definitely will! See you again Jac!" She said as she turns and walks away with Amy.

At hearing that sickly sweet nickname, the hairs on the back of my head all stood up.

Absolutely not having that at all was the only thing running through my head.

When we got a far enough distance away, I stopped and turned to Racheal with a stern look on my face.

"Jac?"I say, mocking her voice a bit with a raised eyebrow

A healthy blush covers her face as he looks at

"What?! Is just a nickname!" She says but her expression is clearly telling a whole different story.

"You and Jacob are absolutely not happening."

She appears almost stunlocked as her mouth opens and close like a fish. She stuttered in response so she knows I know what was up.

"I- We are just..." She stumbles over her words like a wayward baby deer taking its first steps.

"Absolutely not, I don't care."

"Serious Jung-Hee?! You're not my father." She yells finally in a huff and stomps all the way over to the car.

I just grin a bit as I get into the driver's seat seeing as she wasn't in the mood. She was still giving me the silent treatment even as we go a couple of minutes into our journey back.

"You do know I was joking right." I ask a little unsure.

She gives me a look before a small smile comes to her face.

"Of course, I know that. You usually don't give a shit who I date as long as they aren't a raging asshole." She says with a shrug.

"Exactly, and even though he may be Jackson's friend. Jacob seems like a good guy, in a dumb big puppy kind of way."

And I do believe that without a doubt Jacob isn't a bad guy. Hell, he's cut above the majority of guys Racheal has dated in the past so there are props there.

"I agree with Jung-Hee, he does seem nice."

"Okay guys, relax. We've barely even talked about much being N1U. I don't think either way I'm ready to go date again at least right now.." Racheal said as she turned her head back to the scenery outside.

I didn't respond to that but I could tell she was talking about her shithead ex, Micheal, or whatever. I honestly almost forgot about the guy but she did like him, even though he was trash. The car grew quiet with a tense feeling building up.

"This weekend was really good guys..." Racheal suddenly says in a melancholic tone.

I glance at her quickly, she looks sad almost but I think it was more she just remembering something.

"I think we should commend this weekend as a new starting point!" She said with sudden vigor.

Amy and I both looked at her confused as to where she was going with this.

"I mean, this weekend felt different you know? It's been a long time since we've gone to Night pulse and even Amy is with us this time! And we had a lot of fun right?"

Memories of the past few days playing in my head and I would have to admit that she was right. This weekend did feel different in a way. This was honestly the first time I just did something for myself without the constant thought about what was happening back home. Did we have enough for rent? Did the twin get sick? Nothing at all.

Just me and my friends just enjoying life as it is.

A small pang hit my chest as I realized that things probably will never be quite this easy again. So in a way, yeah it was a starting point.


Both Racheal and Amy looked at me like I was alien and had grown an extra head.

"I'm sorry I thought you just said yes to my weird plan?" Racheal said with a wide eye look on her face.

"I did, I know it's shocking." I responded drily.

"...Are you okay? Maybe I should drive after all."

"....Do you want me to turn this car around?"

"Ok okay! Relax!" She said with a smirk.

"...So new beginnings?" Amy said with a laugh.

"New beginnings!" Racheal yells loudly punching her hand in the air.

"Haha, yeah, new beginnings." I said shaking my head at Racheal's ridiculousness.

We continue talking about what we would do next weekend before Racheal suddenly screeched out and pointed like a wild woman. Apparently, we had just driven by an ice cream place that she had been hearing about for other people and was and I quote "going to die" if she didn't get one. So of course Amy and I agreed to stop and get some. We all got sundaes which I had to admit were quite good. I think the one I got was a fudge and cookie dough one? Either way, it was delicious.

Sitting there with the two of them, laughing and just relaxing. A strange feeling came over me. One I hadn't felt in a while.

True peace, just living without the constant stress of every day.

'This is what true happiness feels like I guess' was the stray thought that passed through my head. Ever since leaving Jubilee and Racheal practically kidnapping me to have to actually take a break, this feeling had been there but just below the surface.

Now however I can feel it filling up every bit of my heart.

But even in this moment of pure happiness, I could help but feel in ting of dread. It was barely there but just enough to be constant.

A new beginning was coming but I couldn't help but feel that my troubles were well over.

....It wasn't until I got home that I learn to never doubt my gut,

"...J-Jung-Hee.." I heard Racheal mumble next to me.

There posted just in the downstairs entrance to my building was a detailed notice. This notice was to inform all tenants that in three months the building would be sold and then demolished.

So much for new beginnings, I guess...?

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