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Prince of Food Ep 2: Red Velvet Cake


⧫Jackson Young

Kings Mansion Apartment Complex, Cluoshire


"Jackson!!...Jackson!!! Damn it, boy answer your grandmother when I'm calling you!!"

The shrill and enraged voice of my grandmother pierced over the conversation I was having with two of my closest friends. Both Jacob and Hayden both looked over at me, the expression on their faces clearly saying "ohhhhh you're in trouble~~" Honestly, both of them can be such children at times. I give them a quick sneer before alerting my grandmother to our location. At the rushing sound of her clicking heels, I quickly train my face into an award-winning smile.

She was clearly pissed off about something which honestly wasn't new when it came to me, she generally was always angry at me for something. However, even with all her huffing and puffing, she was always weak to my charms. She soon stepped into the living room, her shoulder-length brunette hair bouncing with each step. Her dark brown eyes narrowed in absolute rage. Jacob and Hayden both smartly stayed quiet. If there was one thing about my grams that we all know is that when she pissed it's better to just be quiet and let her talk. I, however, was always one to test my luck to weasel my way out of her rage.

"Grams, how are you! Might I say that you're looking absolutely stunning today? Would you like a piece-!!" I started by raising my plate which had a delicious piece of cake sitting on it.

She stormed over and cut my flowery bullshit short by hitting me over the head with the rolled up magazine she had clenched in her hands. So maybe it was more a 9/10 times that she was weak to my charms and this seems to be the unlucky 10%. However, she did take the plate which means maybe I had a chance?

"Cut the bullshit Jackson and explain this!!" She said as she tossed the magazine down onto my living room coffee table.

Or not? My eyes glance down quickly before I winced and slowly closed them. I was a dead man for sure this time. On the magazine was a not so dignified picture of me with two beautiful ladies. The words 'Young Family's Prince of Party at it again?! Get the exclusive in look starting Pg 14' written in neat bold letters.

"Oh.." I mumbled before letting out the biggest sigh and falling back into my couch.

"Oh? Oh? Is that all you have to say for yourself is "Oh"?! She raged on, her eyebrows tightly scrunched together.

"Gram I-Ow!" She cut me off again, dealing a solid smack to the back of my head.

"Are you a damn dog or something? Drooling over any woman who will give attention?!"

"Come on, Grams I'm not that easy- OW!"

Another smack, this time a bit harder than before. I frantically look over the Jacob and Hayden for help but those assholes are just sitting back and enjoying my suffering.

"And what happened to Amy? The sweet girl I set you up with?!"

"Well funny story about that-Jesus! Gram, will you please stop!"

"I'm not laughing Jackson!!!" Her voice finally reaching its peak volume.

I raised both my hands up to try and pacify her.

"Can I talk please?" I asked gently, giving her a small smile.

I hear the small snickers from the peanut gallery, yeah laugh it up assholes. My Grams folds her arms over her chest, letting out a huff. Still angry but at least willing to let me talk, which was a definite green light for me.

"First, Amy and I haven't been dating for that past few weeks now. We uh....didn't quite fit together. And I was so heartbroken that both, Jacob and Hayden, my ride or die, brothers, wanted to cheer me up." I explained smoothly, a sly smirk forming.

With the trap set, my grams instantly turned on her heels towards them. The look on their face was priceless as they were now staring down the angry lion.

'Payback is a bitch, huh?'

"So you two brought him there?" She said slowly, her angry like a coiling snake in her words.

She neatly placed the finished off plate onto the coffee table. Hayden was too shellshocked to respond, his mouth just falling open and closed. However, Jacob, being the equally sly operator that he was quick to damage control.

"Uh, well yes but grams-"

Two swift slaps behind the head brought a small smile to my face. As they whined to her about their reasoning, a full blow chuckle came out. Hayden and Jacob have been my best friends since middle school, back we were living in downtown New York City. The three of us were the embodiment of the three musketeers, did everything together. Hell, we even moved here together after college.

Jacob is the oldest of us three, a fact he just loves to rub in our faces. He's also a few inches taller than both Hayden and me. He has pale color skin and is broad shouldered. He was a bit bigger than me in muscle mass but I would never give his ego the credit for that.

Hayden, however, is more on the lankier side. A "runner's body" as he venomously stated whenever someone made a jab at him. Hispanic undertones with tan colored skin. His short dark brown hair slightly touching the back of his neck and dark brown eyes that "captures the hearts of millions", his words, not mine.

Then there was me, the dastardly, handsome one. Dark brown skin much like my grams. Chocolate brown eyes which I have been told multiple times that ladies just adore. My hair is cut short, like a navy buzz. And to set the record straight, I have the better body between Jacob and me, no matter what that jerk says.

"Jackson! Are you listening?"

I finally tune back in with a smile, Grams wasn't looking happy at all.

"Of course I was."

Hayden and Jacob were trying to get my attention however Grams just stepped in front with a wide smile on her face. Clearly, I had missed something.

"So then you agree then? Wonderful!"

A sinking feeling settled in my stomach, 'What had I just agree to?'

"Um wait, Grams what are you-"

"I'm so happy that you aren't fighting me on taking over the new restaurant I've purchased in this area."

'Wait, what?!'

"Whoa wait a minute, Grams-"

"Oh, do you have an objection? Well if you do then know that if you don't take this deal then you are effectively cut off."

'Oh shit, Grams was actually serious this time around.'

"N-now Grams, let's not go overboard-" I said slowly standing like I was approaching a lion.

"I've given you plenty of time Jackson, to get yourself together and stop all this nonsense. But I've been proven time and time again that all you want to do is play around!!"

"Grams that isn't true or fair! The club-"

I knew the instant I brought up the club I had effectively fucked up. Her nose flared in anger as she slammed her hand on the magazine.

"Club? Do you mean this club?! Ever since you opened that damn club, this sort of thing has been becoming increasingly more present, No. More." She finalizes.

"You can't just take it from me Grams, I've worked so hard-" I pled with her.

"Excuse me but who gave you the money to even open that damn club after his parents refused? Hmm please enlighten me." She hissed out, daring me.

My mouth shut with a click of my teeth, she had me there.

"I thought so... until further notice, the club will be given over to those two eggheads." She stated.

Hayden and Jacob were looking between us like we were the most interesting game of tennis and unfortunately for me, Grams had me beat. I mean I was fine with giving over the club to them since they were co-owners anyways but still...

"...fine. But don't blame me if it flops, you know as well as anyone that I'm a shitty cook and a picky eater."

"Hmm yes, your cooking skills could be improved but as far as this restaurant, you would be a manger. The restaurant in question is an old one, owned by an old friend on mine. She will be your mentor and making sure to make reports directly to me on your progress."

A small bit of hope died in me at that statement, if this lady was anything like Grams, she wouldn't be so easily fooled.

"Although you may be taking over, make no mistake that she is very much in charge, don't try to sweet talk her Jackson." She said sternly.

Ah, my Grams knows me much too well. I just give her a smile and nod passively.

"And as far as your poor relationship skills.." She said as she reached in her purse.

'Oh boy, gonna need to pull the brakes on that.'

"Wait for a second, Grams-"

She then shoves a small piece of paper into my hand. It was a card...with a dated appointment at Charlens, a relatively romantic stylized restaurant. It was scheduled for a few weeks away with the name "Abby Fraser" written elegantly on it.

"That will be your date, and I assure you, she will not be so easily written off. And unless she's herself tells me you aren't what she looking for will I look for another one. Understood.?"

"A blind date? Honestly Grams, this is a bit old fashion, and I take offense to that. Of course, she will like me." I said in a matter-of-fact tone.

I mean it's true, I was young, handsome, and rich, what more could a girl look for? My Gram just rolled her eyes before turning on her heels and leaving, letting the door slam slightly on her way out. I let out a long sigh before sinking into my plush couch, my life was officially over.

"Daamn... you got absolutely shafted" Hayden says.

I just glare at him before looking back at the card again. The woman's name was a bit familiar but I just couldn't place it.

"I don't blame her though, you do act like some dog in heat." Jacob said as he took a sip of his drink.

"Wow, and you're what some kind of saint?"

"I'm a gentleman who knows not to give in to temptation at the drop of a hat." He said looking me in the eye.

To which I let a disgruntled grunt. So I was a bit promiscuous, so what? It's not like this is news to anyone, I wasn't disrespectful to women by any means. Just wasn't a one-woman kind of man, and I let all women whoever wanted a relationship know that.

"You weren't even like this until you met her-"

"Don't ever mention her."

My voice coming as off as icy as the tundra. He knew damn well that any talk or conversation that led to that woman was off-limits. Jacob just looked at me for a few minutes before shaking his head. My mood was now ruined and Jacob knew it. Hayden who had been quiet through the whole exchange injected to lighten the mood.

"Hey, come on guys don't fight it's almost Jackson birthday~"

Ugh and I completely forgot about my birthday in all of this. It was being hosted at Jubilees which by far is one of my favorite restaurants. And of course, now Grams wants to rain on my parade.

"Let's just have a good time Jackson, and hey you never know maybe you'll like the restaurant business," Hayden said, ever the optimistic of our group.

However, I knew my skills and what I was good and not good at. And cooking wasn't one of them, I was better suited to being a food critic like my mom but even then I was too picky of an eater to be good at it. As my mom would put it, I only ate food that both smelt good, tasted good and looked good. If it didn't look good, I just refused to eat it, a curse from my younger days. I would get sick looking at food that didn't look good. It was mostly due to being forced to eat some rather nasty looking food when I was younger and got vastly sick over it. But I digress, maybe Hayden was right, who knows maybe I'm the next Chef Ramsay in the rough.

'Pffft, yeah right..'

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