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Devil That You Know Ep 6: The Game (Part 3)

"When an animal is backed up into a corner, it lashes out in the ugliest of ways. Humans are exactly the same. But hard enough, the harshest and ugliest sides of us come to light."


♙Kai Hamilton♙


It was like looking straight at a hungry lion or even a bear. Aresio has a presence that felt even bigger than he was like he took up the very air that surrounded him. Making everyone laser-focus on him and him alone. He looked at Kai, just like all the rest of these people have been looking at him.

Like he was the most interesting toy that they haven't figured out how to play with.

It was the same every damn time.

Aresio's eyes then drifted down toward his still wet shoes and pants before drifting back up.

Kai knew all at once what he wanted.


Kai must have gone crazy because that would be the only explanation for what he does next.

He laughs.

Honest to god, laughs. Short and mocking before looking back at the man before him. He then suddenly turns and walks over to a nearby table that has a stack of napkins and grabs a handful. He then forceable shove the napkins at Aresio and waits, glaring him in the eyes.

Aresio's expression takes on a hint of amusement almost. And he slowly grabs the stack from Kai.

"Have a good evening, gentlemen." Kai says in a tone nothing short of sarcastic and even tops it off with an ugly smile.

He then turns and walks off. There is a whirlwind of whisper behind him that only gets louder with each step. Rafeeqa catches him as he getting ready to leave.

"Are you out of your mind?!"

Kai lets out a sigh as he refuses to look at her.


"What?" He turns to her.

Her face is the perfect image of rage and disappointment mixed into one.

"Do you have any idea how fucked you are?" She hissed out.

"You think I don't know that?!"

"Clearly you don't. Otherwise, you wouldn't have done ANY of that!"

"What hell was I suppose to do Rafeeqa? Just sit by and do nothing?!"

"For fucks- Just ONCE Kai, think about someone other than yourself and your fucking moral high ground!"

Kai's mouth closed with a click as hurt blossoms on his face. Rafeeqa as if realizing what she said closes her eyes and looks down.

"....I..I'm sorry that was...mean." She said, her voice cracking a bit with emotions.

She places a hand on his chest.

"Just.... just go. Go home Kai."


"Kai, just go home." Her words were barely above a whisper but punctured his heart like bullets.

He doesn't quite remember how he got home but the comfort of his bed brought him back down to earth quickly.

And then everything else set back in.

A wave of panic creped on him like a thief in the night. He had effectively and quite surely fucked his career 100 ways to hell. The look on Rafeeqa's face was just replaying in his head on repeat and he just let out a loud groan as he rolled over.

He knew that come tomorrow, nothing was going to be the same.

Just like the heroes before him, he had become like a star that had outlived its time.

Slowly but surely, he will flicker out.

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