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Prince of Food Ep 12: Bison Burger


⧫Jackson Young

Pretty Princess


It had been some time since my meeting with Andria and things have been going .... normal, for what feels like the first time. It was almost scary how normal my life had returned to, well minus obviously the new restaurant that I've been working with Andria.

That situation on the other hand has been a bit rocky as of now. I had honestly forgotten how much we used to argue until it came down to making final decisions.

"Hardwood flooring sounds like a good idea." Andria said as she flips through another catalog book.

"No, vinyl's easier to clean and more cost-effective." I said, also flipping through a catalog.

"But I want hardwood..." Andria said looking up at me with a frown.

I looked up from the catalog I was browsing to throw her a look of contempt.

"Seriously, what are you 5? It will look like wood so don't worry about it."

She actually pouted at me for a few seconds before grumbling something under her breath.

"Well, I'm choosing the colors. I want this to be either brown or greens, give it a more down-to-earth feel." Andria says nodding her head.

"Sure whatever." I said.

I wasn't about to get into another argument with her again. It took us at least an hour and a half to get to this point. The general look of the restaurant was more or less set, expenses calculated as well. I had already done a run down with my grams for everything we would need from the renovation cost to the payload.  I couldn't help the surge of pride when I knew, I knew I caught her off guard. She clearly wasn't expecting me to know as much as I did, hell she even said as much over the phone in less than kind words. However, her hurtful words did little to lessen the smugness in my voice when I responded to her.


"What?" I said, looking up at Andria.

"I was trying to ask you if you are going to Night Pulse?" Andria's ask in what I'm sure trying to be non-chantant.

My eyes narrow on her at the honestly odd question coming from her. She knows that my Dad's business has been a sponsor for Night Pulse for at least a few years now. That's mostly due to my uncle, my dad's brother, Vance being is a music producer and a pretty famous one at that. He has been hosting Night Pulse for at least 5 years now, using it as a way to elevate up and incoming artists before he scouts for new talent.

Been a great business deal for King's caravan as well given that we have weekends for performers. It was originally for DJs but since Vance started bringing over his musicians, the boys and I turned the weekends into more of a performance night kind of special. It was a bit more strict in the sense that only those chosen by all three of us can perform on weekends. But still, it is good business.

"Of course I am. I always go with the boys every year....why?" I ask, dread already building in my stomach.

She takes on a sheepish shy look which honestly gives me goosebumps.

"Well, you see my friends and I are going buuttt there is a slight hitch in our plans." She explains giving me pointed looks.

"Oh? And how is that my problem?" I cut through her bull almost immediately.

I already had a good idea of what she was going to ask.

"I need 1 more ticket."


Silence enveloped us. She had a strained smile on her face while I looked less than impressed. Honestly, I'm not sure what she was expecting. Those tickets aren't cheap and I don't like using my connections just to get free shit. Never have, never will.

"Why not!" She said, slamming her hands down.

"You should have gotten them when they were available. It's not my fault you don't have enough." I said leaning back in my chair with my arms crossed over my chest.

"Jackson, come on! Don't be stingy, just 1 ticket is all I need."

"Why don't you just ask my uncle Vance yourself? He practically adores you anyway?"

She lets out a huff and gives me an annoyed look.

"You think I haven't tried that already? He has been super busy and I don't want to bother him!"

"So you want me to bother him?" I say dryly.



I honestly was having more fun tormenting her about this than I honestly felt was appropriate. But honestly, after years of being her personal test subject when I was younger, I think revenge was just deserted in this situation.

Call me petty if you want, but revenge is always sweet.

I could see her calculating in her head at my dismissal again. What she was planning however wasn't what I was expecting.

"How about this, if you get me the ticket, I'll owe you one?" She musters out with a tight smile as if it was killing her to even say the words.

Both of my eyebrows raised at that one. Anyone who knew Andria, knew she wasn't one for betting or owing anyone a favor. If anything, it would be the opposite.

"Ohh, a favor? Well then..." I said with a raised eyebrow.

Not that I want for very much but being able to have one over Andria? Causing more glee to build in my chest than I thought.

"Hmm... but what could I even want from you?" I said with a thoughtful look, my eyes drifting close and my head tilting to the side.

I could practically feel her glaring at me but I was having way too much fun.

"Ah! I know!" I said suddenly looking at her.

"W-what?" She said eyeing me with suspicion.

"Oh, nothing. When I think of something I'll let you know." I said with a mischievous smile.

Andria looked at me like I was the devil incarnate. To be honest, I wasn't going to do anything to her or really even ask anything of her. It was more for my own fun if anything. The rest of our meeting was done in relative silence. It wasn't until afterward back with the boys that Hayden gave me a thoroughly disappointed look after I told them about what happened with Andria.

Apparently, I'm the childish one.

"Why are you giving me the stink eye man?" I ask as I take a sip of my drink.

"You are literally and mentally a 7 year old." Hayden grumbled at me in spite before disappearing around the back of the bar.

I couldn't even help the offended look on my face. I would have him know that if anything mentally, I'm at least 13 and some change. I'm calculation enough for it most days.

"What's got your panties in a bunch man? Here I thought you would be more surprised that Andria is back in town than anything." I said.

Andria also grew up with us as well. She was our (involuntarily) leader and would boss us around just cause she was older. Technically we all got along fine mostly, it was really just Andria and me who acted like cats and dogs really. A lot of people mistook her for my sister than my cousin just by how we acted growing up.

"You think he still has a crush on Dria?" Jason asks with an inquiring look.

It wasn't a major secret that growing up Hayden had a crush on her when we were younger. He was the smallest of our bunch and Jason and I were in other classes than him. So Andria was his guardian against a lot of the kids back then. And let me tell you kids can be brutal.

"Hmm, it's possible? I mean he did follow her everywhere when we were younger." I said in a rather throw-away manner.

"...I'm going to ask him." Jacob said suddenly with an extremely determined look on his face.

"What-?! Jac, no you idiot!" I almost choked on my drink as I tried to stop him.

Jacob is loveable and great but god does he never read social ques great and just boldly ask stuff that will make any sane person embarrassed. He turned to me a bit confused which was to be expected.

"Why not? I'm sure he'll tell us if it's true." Jacob said with the surest look on his face.

Ah, my sweet simple obvious summer child that is Jacob. Such utter confidence in Hayden's character indeed.

"Uh... no he won't my friend. Hayden will lie straight through his teeth" I said rather bluntly, breaking any illusion of truth that Jacob.

Jacob actually looked both shocked and ..offended? What the hell? He then narrows his eyes and frowns, like I'm just spitting in his face or something.

"Come on man, that's not right. Hayden wouldn't lie to us." Jacob said shaking his head.

"Oh really?" I said dryly then turned to Hayden as he reentered the room.

He was holding some boxes of something, probably some old junk that had been left over from the last event we had here.

"Hey, Hayden!"

He turns his head up to me with a sneer, still upset obvious.

"Do you like my cousin still?" I ask plainly.

It was silent for a few minutes as I and Jacob watched in fascination as Hayden's face went from confused to beet red to then dropping whenever he had in hir arms on the ground in what I could only call an internal panic. The box was also apparently a lot heavier than I realized as it slammed down on the ground with a loud thud .... which is also landed directly on Hayden's foot. He let out a colorful and honestly elaborate library of curses both in English and also in his native tongue, Spanish. Honestly half of them I didn't even fully follow.

I was however completely and total laughing my ass off.

"Haha..!" I could barely contain my cackling like a hyena

Hayden turns his head up, still red as a tomato to glare at me. A fresh tear from the corner of his eyes made this all the more entertaining.

"...FUCK YOU JACKSON!" Hayden yells out as he is practically rolling on the ground holding his foot.

Jacob was eyeing this whole scene like I was expecting, with complete and utter contempt for having either of us as friends. He then let out the deepest sigh and then grabbed something from behind the counter and walks over to Hayden.

"Ahh... good stuff Hayden." I say with a smirk as I wipe a tear from my eyes.

Hayden's answer glare was more than enough to warm my heart.

"But honestly man, do you like her? I mean I know it's been a few years and all but I'm really curious?" I asked again.

Hayden's face still hadn't returned to its normal color and only worsened at my question. He averted my eyes with a nervous laugh.

"O-obvious not! W-why would I?" He said in the most unconvinced voice I've ever heard.

My face sort of just went blank at that extremely weak declaration before looking to Jacob as if to say 'see what I mean'. But low and behold, Jacob was nodded like he understood Hayden and even turn to me and gave me a disappointed look. Like a teacher who was going to scold an unruly child.

I swear I need to new friends.

I grumbled under my breath as I took another sulking sip of my drink.

"Forget about that guys, remember that today is a beautiful day!" Jacob says with a wide smile.

Both Hayden and I look at him with equal looks of disdain at his frankly bubbly happiness. But he did have something to truly be happy about today, and for that, I am also happy.

The only issue is...

"Ahhh you guys want to see her new pictures!! I took a lot to make sure to get her good side!" Jacob said excitedly as he pulls out his phone, showing various pictures of a young girl who look almost eerily similar to him except for her bright-colored eyes.

Today marks his younger sister, Erika's graduation from high school, a fact that he has quite literally been talking about since we all go into the club today. I was almost surprised when I got the chance for a subject change with Hayden but it would seem we are back to this again.


"Ohh look at this one Hayden! Isn't she cute?!!" Jacob gushes like a middle-aged mother as he shows another picture of his sister.

Even in the picture, you could tell that Erika wanted to murder her overbearing brother. I swear he was more obsessed with her than their own mother. Just from my quick glance from earlier when he was showing me her pictures, I'm almost certain that there are over 40 or so images from just her graduation.

"Oh, yes... she's quite lovely.." Hayden said with a wooden smile as he wanted desperately to back away from Jacob.

Suddenly the room went deadly silent as both I and Jacob just openly stared at him. On my face, a look of utter horror mixed with unyielding pity. Why you may ask? Well, Hayden, you see just made what we like to call 'a rookie mistake'. You see Jacob's quite honestly unhealthy obsession with his sister originally started off small and in his parent's minds 'cute'. However, as she grew up and got into high school, that once 'cute' overprotectiveness became fucking terrifying and borderline homicidal rage at even the sight of the opposite sex breathing in her direction.

Scary stuff I'm telling you.

"What did you say?" Jacob said in an ominous tone, like a fucking murder robot.

Hayden realized all at once his grave mistake and look nervously to me for help. I however just gave him a small prayer and a thumbs-up for good measure. I could practically feel him cursing me with his eyes.

"Uh... I mean She is great! I'm sure she will love college..?" Hayden said in an unsure tone.

Again, another absolutely wrong thing to say to Jacob. I could almost visibly see the hamster cage rolling in his head as it started to cook up all kinds of nightmare scenarios that would always end in murder. The seeming dark cloud that hung over his head grew and started to storm heavily as his eyes took on a murderous gleam. I could hear him grumbling something while poor Hayden looked like he was ready to piss himself.

I graciously thought that maybe it was time to remind them of our plans for today.

"As...entertain as it would be to see you murder Hayden in our club, I believe we still have dinner to go to and to call your sister to let her know we are coming?" I said drinking the last of my drink before placing it in the sink behind the bar.

Almost in an instant, dark cloud, Jacob disappeared and back was the disgusting bubble of happiness.

"Oh right! Let me call her now!" He said with call her without even looking at the phone like a freak.

It didn't take long for her to answer. Her voice was soft and pleasant on the ears.


"RIKA~~~~~!! It's big brother how are you? Did you miss me~~?" Jacob said into the phone in a disgustingly sweet voice.

'Gross' I sneer in my head.

Call me a bitter old grump if you would be absolutely correct.

"Hi, Big brother...I'm that same way that I was when you asked me about an hour ago, fine. Are you guys ready?" Erika said cutting to the chase.

"Yes! Big brother will come and get you and then we can go okay~!?"

"Hey, Erika!" I called to her as I lean over Jacob's shoulder to talk into the phone.

"Oh! Hi Jackson, and I'm guessing Hayden is there too!"

I quickly snatch the phone from Jacob who looks about ready to murder me in my sleep if given the chance.

Again I really need new friends.

"Yup, we're both here! Congrats kiddo, you excited for college?"

"Hmm! I can wait! You know how it is with big brother..." She said with a slight whisper.

Unfortunately, Jacob had the phone on speaker so we all three could hear her. Jacob looked almost like he was shot with how sad his face got. Honestly hilarious to me.

"Hmm yeah, your brother is a bit of a freak, but at least you have me. The cool one." I cheekily respond.

Both Jacob and Hayden give me unimpressed looks which I consider a triumph.

"But we're on our way so be ready okay?"

"Yes, I will!"

Jacob then suddenly snatched his phone back, cradling it like a precious baby and glaring at me like I was some beast trying to be forward with his daughter.

Like I said, new friends or maybe a puppy? Eh, whichever one comes first I suppose...

"Okay Rika, big brother will be there so.  Love you okay?"

"Hmm, okay big brother see you soon!"

The click of the phone end was loud as Jacob seemed to look down at his phone in gloom.

"...She- she didn't say... she loves me back...?" Jacob said in a heartbreaking tone.

I pinch the bridge of my nose as I could just feel a wave of a headache coming on. One thing words that sister-drunk Jacob is depressed Jacob.

"Okay, and we are going." I said as I practically had to push Jacob along.

Hayden soon followed. We all carpooled into Jacob's car which honestly wasn't my decision. He still has an SUV of all things. Trust me it's weird I know, but again think of Jacob as just a soccer mom and everything makes pitiably sense. We quickly picked up his sister, chatting with Erika was also fun. She is a good kid and really just wants to have a bit more freedom without having her brother looming over every interaction she has. I've told her more than once 'good luck with that'. Cause I ain't being the one to poke the bear.

We soon arrived at Harmonie's, a very popular restaurant. It has a younger crowd that it attracted given that everyone who is an upcoming rising star also ways tried to dine here. I never really understood the appeal though given that it opened up only a few years ago. It does have good food here though which is one of the many perks of this place.

Our food came quick, being the growing boy that I am ordered this restaurant special, Bison Burger. A beautiful sandwich brimming with meaty goodness to which Harmonie's prides itself on. Hayden with his rabbit food (I think it was a salad or something?) looked at me with clear disgust on his face as I eat what he would call a 'heart attack in a bun'.

"Is that shame I see in your eyes Hayden?" I smirked at him.

"..Ugh." He just scoff and resumes eating.

You see he may shame me silently but even Hayden knows to never come between a man and his burger. People have started war for less, I'm sure.

"..Don't be alarmed man but I think you got some friends incoming." Jacob said with a nod.

I turned my head and frown a bit.

There was also a downside to eating here which you will see such an example now. It appears that I've been identified by the other customers.

It only took one brave soul to walk over to get things started. A young woman at that, cute but too young side for me. She was nervously pacing as she walk over before stumbling over her words.

"A-are you- Ja-Jackson Young?!" She yelps out nervously.

I give her a polite smile, even though honestly I just wanted to have 1 night where I could just chill out. No such luck on that I'm afraid.

"Yes, I am! How can I help you?" I ask with a neutral tone.

"Ahh, can- can I get an autograph, please!! I'm such a big fan! Is it really true you are opening up a restaurant?!" The girl squeaks with glee.

From there it didn't take long for a crowd to form everyone veining for my attention for either a question or autograph or some shit. I was trying to be nice but a quick glance over to the rest of my table made it apparent that the crowd was getting disruptive.

"...Hey guys so I'm happy that you all are excited but I'm out with some friends so I just want to have a bit of peace alright?" I said putting on my 1 million dollar smile.

Everyone was disappointed but slowly but surely disperse from there. I left out a sigh as the last of them left.

"Oh to be tragically famous." Hayden said in a dry tone.

I glare at him across the table. He knows I may like the perks of money, fame wasn't one I really care for, to be honest. Too many people watching me made my skin crawl.

'...But you used to love it...before you met her...' My brain unhelpfully supplied.

I shake my head as I stand up.

"Sorry gotta piss, be right back guys."

I then turn to walk towards the bathroom. To be honest, I didn't need to use the bathroom that bad, I just needed a moment to clear my thoughts. I could help but feel the cold whisps of my past clawing at my mind. I was so distracted that I didn't even notice a person walking down the hall which I was also in. We almost bumped into each other if I didn't catch myself. But then look back at the person, something was gnawing at my mind.

It was a guy, though he was rather on the short side with long dark-colored hair. He seemed to be looking at me with an intense amount of dread which was unlike anything I'd ever encountered before. He quickly averts his eyes, mumbles an apology before walking around me. However I could help was follow him, it wasn't until a few feet away that something did come back to me.

First, it was recognition then slowly changed to embarrassment.

I remember this guy...

"Hey wait!"

The guy stops for a second and turns almost reluctantly, which means he also remembers me as well. Great...

"We..met before haven't we?" I said lamely, wincing at my own words.

Jesus just pull that bandage off already man! The guy doesn't even try to hide his clear disdain for talking with me. If I was unsure if he remember me before I surely wasn't now. He looked like a cat that was just dumped in water which I should find amusing but I  could barely contain it.

"Sorry, I don't know you." He said in that same dry tone without even missing a beat.

Ouch, so cold.

He then turns to leave once again but my dumb mouth opens again without my probing.

"Ah, but you're from Jubilees, right? That-uh evening of my birthday" I said a bit embarrassed even thinking about it.

Man, if I thought he looked upset before? Now he looks outright murderous.

Well, this is a fine mess I've gotten myself into again.

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