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Prince of Food Ep 13: Red Velvet Cinnamon Rolls


❈Kun Jung-Hee



I sometimes think that maybe God has forsaken me. That may be in some past life, I was just a really shitty individual and this is just divine justice. Jackson was still standing in front of me, a bit of nervous energy to him as he looks down at me.

Which also just annoyed me about how tall he was. But that isn't the main problem here. I still hadn't answered him from before and right now honestly I wasn't even sure of what the hell I was going to do.

"..Uh... hello?" He asks waving a handing front of my face.

I reflectively knock it away, I know the look on my face is less than happy but I couldn't help my as Raqcuel calls it 'resting bitch' face.

", I think you have me confused for someone else." I said with as much disdain since I knew damn well he could tell I was lying.

My eyes were practically screaming for him to just drop it. And he looked like he was going to as he look away at I'm sure the positively murderous look on my face.

"Oh uh, well then sorry about that. Must have gotten you mixed up with-"

"Jung-hee? Jesus, I thought you fell in there or something with how long you were taking."

Fuck and double fuck. Raquel, my love, you have the worst fucking timing in all of existence.

The next turn of events would have been comedic to me if it was happening to anybody else other than me. Raquel comes up behind me, sees me then her eyes dart back a bit, and see Jackson. Jackson who in turn seems to recognize her almost somehow, let out a 'ah', and then Raquel still similar stuck in a look of shock looks back to me and sees murder in my eyes.

She says what any other sane person would in this situation.

"..Oh fuck..."

Yes, Raquel, oh fuck is indeed what sums up this mess.

"....So you are from Jubilee's then?" Jackson says which honestly is the last thing I need to hear coming from him.

I turn my head back to him with a glare and fold my arms over my chest with a frown.

"...What do you want?" I say with a grunt.

He almost looks afraid to talk to me which fills me with a bit of glee.

"Uh... well I just wanted to say... umm...." Jackson seems to shuffle around like a kid lost in thought.

I however don't have the patience or the right attitude for it.

"What do you want?" I press again.

He appears to be swarming under my gaze which is hilarious given our very apparent height difference.

"Look, man... I'm sorry about what happened?" He said with a nervous tone.

I frown a bit deeper at his apology. It was unexpected given who he is.

"....Is that all?"

"Jung-hee!" Raquel hissed behind me.

I give her a look that clearly says 'I'm never friendly so why are you surprised now?' Jackson was clearly also annoyed at my rather rude response to what I'm sure he felt was a heartfelt apology. But what can I say, I'm fucking petty.

"..Uh yeah that's all."

"Great super, thank you for the apology." I say in the most unforgiving tone I could muster.

I could feel Raquel glaring a hole into the side of my head but I could really care less at this point. I was feeling pissed off all day after what happened this morning and Jackson has given me a perfect outlet. Jackson now was openly glaring at me.

"Do we have a problem?" He says, crossing his arms over his chest.

"Oh no, no problem. Just accepting your apology for making me lose my job." I said plainly.

Jackson flinches back at that one and has the modesty to look guilty at least. Good, at least he isn't a complete spoiled brat.

"Look I said I'm sorry man, honestly I am." He continued on sincerely.

"..And I don't care, honestly."

"Jung-Hee! That's enough!" Raquel said as she step in front of me.

She then turns to Jackson with an apologetic look.

"I am so sorry. He's an asshole most time, but can be nice!" She said while pushing me back

I frown at her description of me, it was accurate but as a friend wasn't you suppose to make your friend seem better than they were?


"You, shut up!" Raquel said, giving me dagger eyes before turning back to Jackson.

"Again so sorry about the trouble, we'll be going now!" Raquel said as she tried desperately to push me away from intentionally making another new worthy scene.

Jackson was still glaring at me as we started to walk away to which I there him a nasty smirk. However, sadly this clown fiesta was far from over.

"...Jackson.. is that you?"

All three of us look back down the hall to see a young woman with curly dark brown hair and similar eyes. She was ... beautiful to say the least. A small heart-shaped face, nicely curved body. Just something about the looking in her eyes smelt like trouble to me. Her gaze ventured from Jackson to Raquel then lastly to me and then back to Jackson. A small smile formed on her face which brought a chill down my spine for some reason. She then runs over to him, lightly shoulder-checking me as a result. She turns to me with an apologetic look and gives me a clear apology.

But I could see behind that sickly sweet girl look that she didn't give a fuck. She then continues over to Jackson stopping before him with that same smile.

Well well, little miss bitch wants to play I see?

"J..Jasmine?" Jackson said from behind us.

His tone was shocked but also nervous? I looked at him and was confused to see the rather complex array of emotions displaying on his face. I instantly could tell that Raquel and I were at risk of being dragged into drama and I tried to move her along quickly.


Jesus how many people can fit in this damn hallway?! One of Jackson's friends appeared around the corner of the hallway. Taking in the girl who was now standing directly in front of him and glaring at the woman.

"...Jasmine..." He hissed out as if the very sound of her name is poison.

"..See Hayden? I found him!" She said with a smile on her face.

Hayden stomps over to them and rough moves her backward away from Jackson who looks as helpless as a child.

"Ouch! What the hell!" Jasmine yells at him.

"I don't know what you are planning  but whatever it is don't try me bitch." Hayden said with a growl.

"Hayden!-" Jackson starts to protest.

"Shut up." Hayden cuts his friend off almost immediantly.

Both Raquel and I are just watching this spectacle from a safe distance.

"Yeesh, that looks messy."

"Hmm, yup."

"The chick looks familiar though..." Raquel said as we start to walk away again.

I glance back as well, the girl does look familiar but honestly, I could care less. But just before we leave that hall that girl glances my way. And the look in her eyes is unlike anything, it screams 'stay away from him, he's mine'.

Scary possessive bitch.

" Whatever..." I said scoff as I turn away.

Last time I'll be seeing them anyways. We, fortunately, didn't stay long after that, cause honestly, I had lost my appetite a long time ago. The rest of the evening we just went to our favorite little pub, it was a mom and pops kind of place, and honestly, it was ten times better than Harmonie's for me. Quiet with less preteen swarming all over like insects.

Not that I hate kids by any means but god does they try my patience.

The next couple of days were pleasant I guess by any means. My mom was still not looking me in the eyes, Jae-Yun still glares at me with every chance. Life is great, awesome. It would seem only the twins are happy to see me on a daily basis at times but their seemingly boundless energy can wear me out quickly. As the week plays out, Raquel is practically jumping off the walls with excitement.

"Calm down Raquel before you ascend into the heavens or something." I say in a dry tone watching her actually skipping down one of the aisles of Mighty Fresh.

"Your sourpuss attitude can't sink my boat this time Jung-Hee!" She said with a wide smile.

"Oh dear, such a tragedy."

"Why aren't you more excited?! I mean this is Night Pulse we are talking about."

"Well for one you know I hate crowds to there's 1 reason." I mumbled.

And it was true, I wasn't a large crowd kind of person. A small grouping of people was fine but my social skills weren't good enough to be around a large group of people.

"Yes but the music and the stuff there is more than enough!" Raquel says still in her extreme excitement.

I couldn't help but be amused by her very animated expression. She has been looking forwards to going to Nigh Pulse for years, especially since this year her favorite singer is going to be there. Maybe Raquel was right, maybe this is what I need as well, just a night of pure fun, no stress or looming responsibilities.

Raquel suddenly turns to me again with a shining gleam in her eyes.

"Don't worry Jung-Hee, this will be great. Don't you worry about that!" She declares.

And now I'm worried.

Very, very worried.


As it would turn out, things went surprisingly well leading up to Night Pulse. My mother may have been asking 20 questions about where I was going, and what but after I explained the situation (and Raquel promised her like 3 times she would going to be watching me like a hawk). She finally stop sulking and simply wished me a good time. Hell, even Jae-Yun appear happy that I was finally just going to have a fun time for myself. That was short-lived before she went back to grumbling in my very presence but it was the thought that counted. We were all carpooling with Raquel since she was the only one with a car between us all. I could drive but sadly after my vehicle broke down like 3 years ago, I just never had enough to get a new one. And with how easier it is to just get a taxi, there was never any rush.

"Whooo Night Pulse here we come~~!!" Raquel yells like a banchee as she drives.

I was on the passenger side, watching the scenery pass by while Amy was looking at the Night Pulse brochure most likely to know who was going to be performing there. The festival was held in one of the larger parks in the city. Usually around this time, the hotels are sky rock high in prep for the shows fortunately for us Raquel is meticulous when it comes to planning. Everything must be properly accounted for.

"So tonight just pre-show stuff, so I don't know if you guys want to go to the festival for a bit just to see if they have anything good or should we just hang out?" Raquel calls over the blasting of her music.

"Hmm well I mean we have the time, we can check out the shops see if they are selling anything good since tomorrow we probably won't have too much time during the shows." Amy said with a thoughtful look on her face.

Night Pulse is a three-day event, day 1 is more just pre-show stuff. Some vendors set up and there are some events during this time. Day 2 is the actually Nigh Pulse Festival, Bands and artists from all around the world show up and perform. This is when everything is in full swing. The the last day is basically wrapped up. Mostly vendors trying to sell out of all their last-minute stuff, usually a lot cheap too at least that what Raquel said as she drilled this information into me over this past week. I swear the girl is worst than a drill instructor when it comes to this event.

"Hmm, that sounds good and if there's nothing good then we can catch a movie or something? Ohh or maybe we can check on the mall out here. I've never been to the big mall here." Raquel suggested

"Hmm yeah, there are a lot of shops there. I think you would like it." Amy responded with a smile and nod.

I stay blissfully silent as I knew that shopping = work for me. And Raquel in a shopping mall is a terror that I've had thankfully only to experience a handful of times. The rest of the drive was pleasant, it was a while since I've been so far out of the main city areas. Not since my Dad left anyways, since then it was just working for me. Arriving at our hotel was easy enough too, Raquel chose one of the smaller hotels mostly likely since the larger ones were charging an arm and leg to stay even one night. She managed to get us two-room, 1 for me and the other for Amy and her and they were right next door to each other.

"Feel free to rest up a bit Jung-Hee, but make sure to answer your phone when we call you!" Raquel commanded as she saw me going into my room.

"Yea, yeah I hear you." I said with a wave of my hand.

Inside the room were pleasant, a double bed, carpet floor, and tv on a stand. There was also a separate door that lead to a decent-sized bathroom. All in all not bad. I threw myself on the bed which was a bit stiff for my liking but hey beggars can't be choosers. While I lay there for a few seconds, bored out of my mind I hear a sudden buzz. Someone had texted me.

"Huh, I didn't think they could be ready before like an hour of girl prep." I mumbled to myself as I look down at my phone.

A frown immediately formed on my face as I say who text me.

It was Ryan...

Heeyyyy Hermano~! You ignoring my calls man? I thought we had something special?

I scoffed and glared down at my phone. He was correct however I was ignoring his call. I believe it's up to 15 now? Which honestly shouldn't surprise him at all, I'm always ignored his call before anyways.

Just as I will be ignoring this text.

I turn over in the stiff bed, throwing my phone to the side so that I can rest a bit.  Sadly even after 15 mins, nothing comes to me. I grumble as I roll off the bed. I send a quick text to Raquel just letting her know I'm gonna walk around a bit and just let me know when they are ready to go. Her quick 'ok' with a hand sign emoji was my response and off I went.

The hotel we were staying in was nice, nothing too expensive or luxurious. And it's close to the festival so it is only a short walk over to get there. As I walked around inside, I could see numerous other people chatting and enjoying themselves. A lot of them I could tell were here for the festival given their attire.

"Would you like one sir?"

I almost jump out of my skin at the voice which sounded next to me. Apparently, in my musing, I had wandered close to the breakfast area. It was just turning mid-day so breakfast was still out. I look down at what the employee was pointing at and a small smile came to my face.

There was quite the spread out, filled with desserts, bread, and such. I wasn't overly hungry by any means but I wasn't gonna turn down free food any day. I quickly grabbed a red frosted roll and popped it in.

The moan I left out was borderline obscene.

"Good isn't it?"

I again flinch as I completely forgot about the employee standing there. She was giving me an amused look as she saw the clear enjoyment on it. I just grumble something before grabbing a few more and scurrying away with my embarrassment. I explore around a bit more of the hotel, it wasn't overly large but had a decent size lobby and a small entertainment area.

'Damn Raquel hit the jackpot with this place'

I thought to myself as I turn down another hall. I stop suddenly at hearing a hushed voice coming from one of the hallways. It appeared to be a service hallway for the employees by the look of it. And just as I was about to walk away, I heard the voice again this time clearer.

"Will you cut it out!?"

It was a female voice, angry obviously and it would seem someone was bothering her.

I sort of weigh my opinion as I think on whether to help or not before finally walking over to at least peak to see what the situation is.

I wasn't trying to get in the middle of other people's drama today.

Peaking around the corner, I could see the back of some guy leaning over a woman. I couldn't seem much of her as the guy was fucking huge.

"Come on, baby. Let me show you around~"

Ugh, great the guy is a creep. Excellent. The woman then pushes the guy back a bit, her face the picture of both disgust and anger.

"Will you just fuck off already?!" She hisses.

The guy doesn't seem all that bothered by her protest at all. More so he almost seems entertained which brings a deeper frown to my face as I start to step out.

But as soon as I do, I notice something.

1. That girl seems familiar. Like uncomfortably familiar, to a point that I stop short. But then she looks over at me and I realized all too late who she is.

Jasmine is looking at me like she found the holy grail and before I can nope right on the fuck out of there, she opens her mouth.

"Oh thank god, there you are! Can you help me with this guy please~!!"

Ah shit, here we go again...

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