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Prince of Food eP 7: Chocolate Chunk Cookies


❈Kun Jung-Hee

Mighty Fresh Grocery, Cluoshire


"Come on Jung-Hee~!"

I let out what must have been the 4th sigh of the day as I turn to look at Rachel. It's lunch break fortunately and Rach insisted earlier the I tried some of her aunt's famous "chocolate chunk cookies".  Honestly, I should have known something was up as soon as she brought it up in such an obviously suspicious manner. I believe her exact words were "but they are to die for Jung-Hee!". And knowing how much I love chocolate as it is, there was no way in hell I was going to say no. This then suddenly stemming to her asking me to join her for a festival. And I keep trying to remind her that social events give me constipation. This brings us up to the current situation as it stands.

As fate would have it, Rachael did end up quitting from Jubilee's and took up the open position here at the store. Mrs. Devon, the owner, is practically glowing with Racheal here as she says that she is and I quote "such a peach" to be around.

This is true, Racheal is the pollard opposite to me in a lot of ways. She is outgoing and personal, able to light up a room with just a smile and a few words. She understood "people" which was a strange and unique puzzle to me that I never quite understood. It has only been two days since she started but already I've seen an influx of people coming, mostly guys but hey beggars can't be choosers.

"For the last time Racheal no."

"Bu- but it's the Night Pulse Festival! Do you even know how hard it is to get tickets?!"

"Come on Rach. When have I ever gone to Night Pulse?" I said with a raised eyebrow to her.

Night Pulse has been the biggest music event hosted in Closhire for years. Celebrities/Musicians, you name it, and they are there. It's pretty exclusive too which makes it even harder to get in.

"Exactly! You, me, and Alica are going to hang out and just enjoy finally being free of Jubilee~! I mean honestly when was the last time you have fun"

"How the hell did you get tickets? I thought they sold out 3 months ago?" I asked rather curiously because I definitely remember her complaining about that 3 months ago.

Racheal just gives me a rather smug smirk which impulsively made me want to just cringe.

"You see my dear Jung-hee. I have this special ability that most people can't do. It's called being "Sociable"!" She said with equal amounts of passive-aggressiveness and smugness.

"Sounds like a terminal disease maybe you should get the checkout?" I say in the flattest tone possible.

The sneer scowl she throws me was more than enough of a victory for me. I did, however, think about her suggestion. To be honest, she was right. Fun wasn't necessarily a word I used often in my day-to-day life. I just never have time between work, bills, and my family.

"Ohh I know that face, so you are going to come right?" She practically squealed

I just roll my eyes at Racheal who had the expression of a smug cat.

"...Fine, but I don't want to stay long."

"Yes!" She yells pumping her hand into the air like this was some big achievement.

I couldn't help but laugh at her very apparent glee at me accepting the invite.

"I'm surprised you would invite me. Why not invite your love, Michael? I'm sure he would love-"

"...He's busy."

I turn and look at her - and I mean really look at her. To anyone else, she would seem casual and almost happy. But it was a slightly far-off look on her face where the expression on her face didn't match her eyes. Just that small instance alone sparked off a hint of anger in my heart.


"I mean, he been really busy these past few weeks you know?" Racheal murmured on, still not looking at me.

My brain lapses back to try and remember the last time she mentioned her boyfriend and internally cursed me for being a dumbass. To date, I haven't heard her mention him since their supposed big anniversary and the full force of that hit me like bricks.

'Great job, Jung-hee. Best friend ever'  My mind hisses at me in disgust.


"But it will be great just you, me, and Alica! And the drinks there are to die for-"

"Racheal!" I finally yell over her rambles, grabbing her by the shoulders so she would look at me straight.

There was so much sadness and heartbreak in her eyes that I felt my own heart clenched up in pain before a hardened look comes over me.

"Where is he?"

"No, Jung-Hee Jesus!" She hisses at me, her face instantly turning a bit frightful and her eyes darting around.

"Racheal, tell me where he is." I said casually, almost in a bored tone to anyone who doesn't know me.

"So you can break his legs? I think not!" She says in an accusing voice.


"Jesus Christ you're not even denying it Jung-Hee! I said no!" She said now pushing my hands off her shoulders.

My frown deepens as I look at her. Of course, I wasn't going to deny it, I was going to probably break something, might be an arm or maybe a leg depends on how angry I am when I got there. To truly understand why I'm so angry you would have to understand a few things.

1. Don't mess with the people I actually give a collective shit about and 2. Racheal has fucking awful taste in both people and men.

You see she has a rather unfortunate case of hero syndrome. Racheal thinks that she can save people from their own damnation and is way too stubborn to take no for an answer. Take me for example, now I may not be the scum of the earth (debatable) but I was super high maintenance and generally a prickly asshole to anyone who is not my family. Micheal is such a similar person in the sense that before dating Racheal, he would literally fuck anything that moved.

I am mean anything...

He was generally an ok guy other than that glaring problem. So I kindly reminded him that I took both Taekwondo and Karate and would highly insist that he think long and hard before doing anything stupid, resulting in breaking Racheal's heart. Which is would seem he needed a more personal reminder.

"Jung-Hee, you have your murder face on and I really don't feel comfortable..."

I turn my eyes back to her as she looks back with a deep frown, arms crossed over her chest.


"Swear to me Jung-Hee, you will leave him alone okay? We ended things on mutual terms. No harm, no foul."

I could practically smell bullshit but I just nodded to her anyway. She just stares at me, with narrowed eyes. She doesn't believe me, which honestly is both heartwarming and true.

"Jung-Hee!" She warns again.

"No, no I promise. No arm or leg breaking I swear!" I said with a forced smile.

She just looks at me for a few seconds before walking off, shaking her head. For a few seconds. I just stood there and watched her leave. After she was down another aisle after being called by a confused customer I pulled out my phone and open my text messages. I scrolled to a number that I knew even without trying. It only took one ring before the person picked up and an annoyingly familiar voice sounded.

"Ayyy, hermano~. Here I was thinking you had thrown my number out years ago!"

"The thought may have tempted my mind at least 100 different times."

He just laughs like I told a funny joke.

"I need you to find someone for me."

"Ooh, you looking for a hunt Mad Dog?"

I just grided my teeth to stop the rather venomous response that was just itching in my throat.

"Can you do it or not?"

"Come on man... I can find anyone in this city." Ryan says with such confidence that it was making my ears ring.

I just grunt in response because he was right. Ryan's network of contacts is widespread and reliable. Also if it wasn't apparent by now, the brothers Ryan and James are a part of the ...administration in a sense for the Pit. While I was a part of the pit, Ryan and James had been working their ways through, Ryan especially.

"Great, I'll text you the name." I said hastily before hanging up without even a goodbye.

I quickly text over Micheal's name and turned back to work. To be fair, Raheal can take care of herself. I knew that, but I also knew that she tends to forgive too easily. "Forgive and forget" she always used to say whenever unfair shit would happen.

Unfortunately for Racheal, I'm fucking petty.

The day continued onward in relative peace, nothing too chaotic at the shop. Once it was finally time for closing, Mrs. Devon waved us out as she closing up the shop. The air was pretty brisk today but the streets were uniquely quiet for an early evening. Racheal and I walked at a leisurely pace towards the nearest subway for her to head home.

"You can forget Jung-Hee. Night Pulse is this Saturday! Ohh maybe ask your mom if she wants to come? Or even the siblings?"

"Nah, Mom's going be taking the twins to my Aunt Ran's place and Jae-Yun is going to be at her friend's upstate this whole weekend. She has been practically bouncing off the wall about it this whole week."

"Aw, oh well! It will be a fun time out then between us! We'll be the three musketeers!" Racheal said with a smirk.

I let out a snort and shake my head from her statement. It doesn't take much longer for we near the nearest station entrance. At the same time, my phone buzzes to life. I take a glance, my eyes sparking a bit before going back to normal. Racheal, being the hawk that she is catches the look and raised her eyebrows.

"Something happen?" She asks, letting the question weigh in the air.

I just shook my head at her.

"It's nothing just my mom asking me to pick up something before getting home."

Racheal doesn't say anything and walks towards the station stairs to go down. She then pauses for a second and then turns back to me. A look in her eyes that I knew what she was going to ask before she even opened her mouth.

"Jung-Hee, You promise me you're not going to do anything stupid right?" She asks just barely over a whisper, almost in a pled.

I knew at this moment I had to golden opportunity to not lie to her. And give her the truth. I knew she was talking about the pit and my less than savory life choices. She cares for me deeply and I knew that. She wants me to be a good person and make better life choices.

"Of course not Racheal." I lied, not even missing a beat.

But I'm not a good person and that won't be changing anytime soon.

She smiles softly, which makes my stomach and heart clench. I knew once she found out, cause even though she appears to be relieved, she knew I was lying, this may be the last time I see her smile. She then disappears down the stairs. I stood there for a few minutes before turning and walking the other way, fishing my phone out of my pocket. I then dial the number of the person who texted me and waited.

"....Ayyyy Hermano~! You got my text?"

Ryan's voice loudly vibrated through my ear. Wherever he is was just as loud with music and lots of talking.

"Where is he?" I asked cutting to the chase.

"I'm looking at him, you remember the club we used to go to after the fights?"

I scrap my mind for the information and let out a sigh. He's at Blaze, which means that things are about to get more annoying for me. You see Blaze is a popular nightclub, which is also owned by the owner of the pit. A lot of shit goes on down there, drugs, sex, you name it. It's not a safe place and I guess that is what attracted that popularity.

For me, however, it was filled with memories of all the terrible mistakes I made.

"Yeah, I remember."

"Cool, oh man you should see this guy. Practically dry humping this chick. Haha, who the hell is this guy anyway Mad Dog?"

"Just keep him there, I'm on my way."

"Yea, yeah. See you soon. Just like old times!" Ryan said, I could practically see his stupidly grinning face from here.

I hung up after that and just stood still for a second. I wasn't going to make it home until late and I felt like I should call but what could I say?

'Hey mom, I'm going be home late cause I gotta go possibly break the body of my best friend's cheating ex?'

I just decide to forgo it entirely, call me a coward but I just didn't have to capacity right now. It takes 20 minutes to get there but as I approach I could help but feel a hint of Deja vu. The building entrance is the same, the words Blaze etched above to entrance and a single person standing outside. A familiar one at that.

"What the- Jung-Hee, is that you?"

The man's dark-colored eyes were watching me approach with a mix of happiness and shock. His dark brown hair was braided and fell to his lower back. His dark color skin was adorned with tattoos from what I could see. He got more from that last time I saw him. He was dressed in all dark colored clothes, a cut-off sleeves shirt with jeans.

"Baron, been a while." I said raising a hand to him.

He immediately returned the motion and we half huged. He appears to look me over in an odd wonder.

"Damn, you look... like shit to be honest."

"Thanks, never missed your bluntness by the way."

"Fuck off, what the hell are you doing here Jung-Hee?" He asks, his eyes narrowed on me.

"What I can't visit?" I asked with no humor in my voice.

"After what happened to you? No fucking way."

"Well, I-"

"Mad Dog! There you fucking are."

Baron and I both turned to see Ryan walking out of the club with a cig between his lip, unlit. He looks almost shocked to actually see me there but then it turns into a twisted smirk. I could practically feel Baron's eyes turn back to me, I ignore him.

"Is he still there?" I ask.

"Yeah, drunk off his ass but still there."

"Good, see you later Baron." I said before walking past him

Baron smartly doesn't say anything and in some sense that makes it worst. Ryan is practically bouncing with how excited he is. Fucking sadist as always.

The pulsing sound of music echoed all around me as I enter. It's low lighting inside with the flashing of red and white strobe lights that go along with the music. The stench of the sweet, sex, and possibly throw-up was a heady mix here. All familiar but at the same time, alien with how long it's been. Ryan then nodded over to the corner where his brother is with Michael in one of the VIP rooms. Michael is clearly drunk by the rather uneven way he was standing and he was practically yelling to get by. On the other hand, James was standing solid like a statue, facial expression almost bored as he just watches Michael yells. Michael's face does drop upon seeing Ryan and my approach, however.

Good, he remembers me.

"Micheal, I think it is long overdue that we had a little chat?"

The hisses shut behind us, effectively cutting off the sounds from outside. Micheal looking like a rat trapped between a rock and a hard place. Ryan and James look between us two like we were their entertainment for this evening. And then there's me, looking like I'm trying to make the hard decision between murder charge or assault. And between me and you, I'm having a really, really hard time choosing.

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