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Prince Of Food Ep 9: Korean Barbeque


❈Kun Jung-Hee

Blaze Night Club


The silence in the VIP room was almost suffocating. James and Ryan were seated towards the small mini bar on the other side of the room, staring holes into the back of my head. While I was just lazily watching Micheal seat across from me. He was buzzing with nervous energy, not sure it was due to the brother's predatory stares or my rather blank one. He finally opens his mouth after I guess the pressure gets to him.

"H-hey, Ju-Jung-Hee! Who the hell are these ass-assholes?" He asks.

I don't answer his question and instead, ask one of my own.

"What happened that day Micheal?"

He looks at me rather confused, probably not catching on at all from my very vague question.

"You're gonna have to be a bit more specific Jung-Hee, it been a long-"

"Last Friday, what did you do?"

Micheal's face twists in confusion.

"Uhh, honestly I don't remember much about that day. Like I said it's been quite a we-"

I stand up suddenly cutting off whatever lame-ass excuse he was trying to spill to me. Micheal in response also gets up, feeling the sutble threat in my presence. I could still feel the hawk-like gaze of the brother's on my back but honestly, they could fuck right off.

"Micheal, I thought I made it very clear to you that if you hurt Racheal, you would be hurting me. And hurting me is not smart." I said in an almost dull tone however the sharp loon of my eyes told a different story.

In an instant, a flash of recognition goes over his face before he turns his head away. His eyes appeared to dart around to see if there was an easy escape looking back at me.

There wasn't one and I couldn't let him.

"Racheal? What about her?"

"What did you do last Friday, jackass." I punched out each word with a hiss.

Michael almost seems offended by my tone.

"What the fuck does it matter to you? You fucking her too-?"

My fist meets his mouth before I could even register. He fell back with a loud crash, blood pouring from his mouth.


"I'll ask again." My voice was as cold as an ice.

I was now leaning over him, my eyes narrowed on him like a cat hovering over a small rodent.

"What did you do last week Friday. Please try hard to remember Michael. My patience isn't known for being good."

"Jesus fucking, are you kidding me?! I was fucking here last week what difference does it make!?"

"Do you even remember what last week Friday was?"

He looks at me with a clear "what the fuck are you talking about" look. Which answer my question obviously.

"It was your anniversary, you piss stain."

His face seems to drain of color and I knew then that things got ugly last week Friday. I then step on his hand, pressing my heel into his palm as I bent down a bit further to him. My eyes burning holes into his skull.

"Walk me through that evening and try not to lie. I'm not having the best week and I'm feeling a bit upset."

"Fuck, that hurts. Okay okay! I was at my apartment man! I uh had a long day at work so I was sleeping. I guess I must have just missed her calls. She comes to my apartment and she pissed off like the world was coming to an end or some shit."

My anger was boiling ever so slowly however Micheal clearly was too into his storytelling to get that. Ryan however out of the corner of my eyes, looked like a kid who just got Christmas early.

Again I stated sadistic piece of crap.

"And we- we got into an argument. She's so upset like we were fucking married or something like that? Like we had fun sure but uh she a bit high maintenance for me."

"Oh? you didn't seem to have an issue couple of months ago when she brought you with her to Miami."

Micheal, the little rat didn't even look ashamed he just shrugs. Like I said before Rachel has terrible taste in men, for both friends and relationships.

"Look man, you know as well as I do that I'm not.. "long term" kind of guy. Racheal knew this."

"And yet, here we are. You, the greatest shit stain of the earth, was dating her."

Michael got quiet after that, just gave me a calculating look. Ryan almost looks disappointed that I'm not beating into the guy like a punching bag. I move back, just throwing Michael a disgusted look. He was worthless and honestly at this point I'm just tired of looking at him.

"She thought better of you. And you're right, that was her mistake. But don't worry she won't be making one ever again."

I then turn to leave ignoring the pointed looks Ryan was throwing me. I was almost out, my hand was literally about the touch the door. I was going to walk away from this place with a small sense of pride that I didn't hurt Micheal just as Racheal asked.

Then he opened his mouth again and that idea flew straight out of the window.

"Jesus, and here I was thinking she sicked you on me."

I stop dead in my tracks and turn my head to him.

"...And why would you think that Micheal?"

My question wasn't really a question. Micheal immediately realized his mistake and was actively crawling back against the wall, shaking his head.

"N-nothing I just thought she was more upset than I realized."

I step back into the room fully, my head tilting as I scanned over his facial expression. He was lying clearly and a sinking feeling in my stomach was already telling me what happened. But I need to hear him say it. Ryan's eyes were darting between us like he was watching the most interesting game of tennis. While his brother, James looked still as bored as when we started but there is a momentary flash of something dark in those eyes as he watches me. But right now, I don't care about either of them.

"What do you mean by more upset? Come on Micheal, I told you not to lie to me."

I was now directly in front of him and even though I'm shorter, I could feel him trembling. He only knew a fraction of what I was capable of but it was enough.

"I-i just meant she seemed upset when she left..."

"Micheal, tell me what happened!"

"No-nothing happened I swear?!"

I place a hand on his shoulder and gave him the blandest smile I could.

"Micheal, come on man. We both know that something happened. Tell me what you did after the argument okay?" I ask in a soft tone.

He looks at me, fear still heavy in his eyes but he appears to calm from my inviting tone.

"Y-you won't hit me if I tell you?"

Idiot, honestly it was obvious to everyone in the room. But again as I stated I'm not a good person.

"Of course not. Like you said I know Racheal. I know she can drive a guy crazy." I said still with that plastic smile on my face.

He almost reminds me of a turtle coming out of its shell for the first time. Timid then slowly turns confident out of literally nowhere like we are best buds.

"God, you have no idea how scared I was!" He said letting out a nervous laugh.

I mirror his laugh however anyone with common sense could tell it was dry and humorless as the smile on my face. He leans back against the wall with a sigh and then finally the truth comes out.

"I honestly thought you were gonna break my arm or something man. I thought she told you I hit her."

The sound of his nose breaking barely registers in my mind.


He falls to the ground rather easily and I'm on him with the lethality of a panther. He was trying to defend his face from my blows but all he did was make me hit harder.

All I heard was white noise and felt blood pumping in furious rage in my ears for a while.

It was until a felt someone bodily pull me back and pin me back against a wall that I came back to myself. My breath was coming out in large angry huffs, my eyes looking a bit wild trying to focus back on the present. The familiar solemn face of James helps a bit, oddly enough and that annoying laugh at his brother Ryan solidifies it.

"God damn Mad Dog, you still got a fucking mean hook hermano~" Ryan said as he leans down to gleefully looking at Micheal.

Jesus, Micheal looks like he was just mugged. Blue and black nasty forming bruises, a broken nose for sure, and split lip. His left eye was welding up for a nasty bruise but fortunately, he wasn't dead.


I let out a deep sigh as I slump back to the floor as James leans back away from me. My hands are throbbing and the skin is absolutely fucked. I don't even notice as they clear Micheal out of the room, nor do I really care. My mind was racing to all the fucking nightmare scenarios that will form from this, from my stupid actions.

"..Racheal gonna fucking kill me."

"Haha, Jesus you still wallowing Jung-Hee?"

My head turns up to Ryan's annoying face. His stupid grin wasn't making it any better either.

"That was beautiful, I almost forgot how fucking fast you are. For a little guy."

"I'll fucking kill you asshole, just try me." I say exhausting anger.

"Haha, I have no doubt about that man. Here eat!"

He then motioned to the food that was also I guess brought out while I was out of it. It wasn't a large spread but I still wasn't expecting something like this

"Wait, is that barbeque?"

It was defiantly from the mouth-watering smell.

"Yeah man, you love this stuff!" He said with a smirk, and taking a seat across from me.

James had already returned from where he was at. He silently sat my right, putting down a few more dishes with sauces and some additional foods.


I eye both of them like they're crazy. Sure I may be surprised and a slightly bit touched that they remembered my favorites from all these years. But the point still stood that this? All of it, in fact, is nothing leading to nothing but bad decisions.

Bad decisions that I swore, promised I wouldn't go down.

"You guys must be high or something. You think I'm staying?" I said as I stood.

My eyes glared at the two of them.

"We may have run together years ago but that was probably more on the fucked up portion of my life that I'm trying hard not to slip back down. Got it? We are not friends."

I then turn and walk towards the door. My feet stopped unconsciously at the laugh Ryan let out.

"Friends? Who the fuck needs that shit!"

Ryan shifts in his chair and rudely points his chopstick at me.

"We're not friends Hermano, we're... just enemies who talk."

I don't respond to that really idiotic statement mostly because this isn't the first time I've heard those exact words from him. I then felt my phone suddenly vibrate and dig it out of my pocket. It was kind of late, almost 9 exactly. I missed at least 3 calls from my mom and missed 2 from Racheal.

Her lastest text read plainly as if she was a fucking mind reader.

Jung-Hee, you better not be doing something stupid

I let out another sigh to which Ryan pips up unnecessarily and unwanted.

"Come on man, after that workout, I know you're hungry."

Another buzz of my phone makes me look back at it.

Jung-Hee, where the hell are you?!

I clench my jaw and finally make a decision.

A decision that I already know will only be the start of more poor choices I will continue to make.

Why? Cause as I said, I'm not a good person.

I text her back that I'll be home soon and not to worry. I then called my mom and just told her I was out with..friends. After hanging up, I turned back to Ryan and his brother. James didn't seem bothered one way or another about the emotional strife brewing in my mind. Ryan on the other hand, look like the cat who got the canary.

"There he is!!" Ryan cheered like a banshee.

I sat back down and started eating, a sudden cloud of smoke wavered into the air. Ryan was smoking his cheap and honestly shitty brand. It smells like shit and honestly felt rather appropriate for this.

"See Hermano! All friends do is judge you and shit, enemies, however? Don't give two fucks what you do."

I just let out a scoff and eye roll. Ryan is a fucking idiot but I more or less understand his point.

I already made my bed, and I will sleep in it once all this shit eventually blows up in my face. I pull out one of my own cigarettes and light it.

Welp, what one more bad decision?

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